Monday, July 10, 2017

Monkees--"Some Like It Lukewarm'

      The Monkees found themselves in drag often throughout the series, but none so often as Davy. Davy poses as a woman a grand total of even times during the span of 58 episodes. Maybe that is why he scored so well with the ladies. He could empathize with them. At least the cross dressing was always for a good cause.
      In this case, the good cause is to win a much needed $500 in a band contest. Only mixed groups are eligible, so one of the Monkees must pose as a girl. Davy is deemed the one who can play the most convincing girl. He is not thrilled about the prospect, and the guys must fight to keep him on stage throughout their performance, but thy wind up in a tie with another band of three girls and a guy called the West Minstrel Abbeys. The two bands are set to compete against each other in a week.
      Davy must keep himself hidden until then. He eventually goes stir crazy and sneaks out to some little out of the way place where nobody goes. There, he runs into Daphne. She becomes the latest girl with whom he falls madly in love. She happens to also be posing as the guy in the West Minstrel Abbeys. Everyone comes clean on the day of the tie breaker. They all decide to form a single group in order to follow the only mixed band's rule. I guess they split the prize money? The resolution is left hanging after the performance.
      The West Minstrel Abbeys performs a rendition of 'Last Train to Clarksville” sped up to the Chipmunks' sound. Daphne is played by Deana Martin, daughter of Dean Martin. When the Monkees and the West Minstrel Abbeys combine, the girls are regulated to go go dancing in short skirts while the Monkees perform “She Hangs Out.” With three full songs and a tag in which Davy learns about soul from composer Charlie Smalls, “Some Like It Lukewarm” feature the smallest amount of story content of any episode at a shade under seventeen minutes. It also has the last “live” performance of the band on the series.
      There are many funny moments in “Some Like It Lukewarm.” most of them come at Davy's expense. The music is good, and the girls are hot. One of them is a former Playboy Playmate. What more could you ask for?
      Rating: *** (out of 5)

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