Saturday, July 1, 2017

Monkees--"The Monkees in Paris"

      The writing is on the wall. The series is fading away. Scripts that were rejected the previous season are now being filmed. Story lines are being repeated. Sometimes, those story lines are being repeated in almost back to back episodes. The cast's dissatisfaction with the staleness of the series is palpable. They are often phoning it in at best. They are occasionally in open rebellion at worst. Everyone knows the show is about to b canceled. Even clues to the final episode's contents have been hinted at throughout the last few episodes. It is over, folks.
      So if you are the cast and director James Frawley and you are only biding your time until you can move along t the net thing after the current's impending end, what do you do? The answer is crate an episode in which you express your contempt for everything wrong with the current situation while filming yourself enjoying yourselves aboard and promoting as much of your music as humanly possible. That is what “The Monkees in Paris” is. If your favorite part of The Monkees is the musical romps, then this is the episode for you.
   The entire episode is the Monkees being chased through numerous locales in Paris by four young ladies. It starts with riding scooters through the Paris streets to outdoor cafes, boat docks, an amusement park, and a cemetery(!) before ending on the Eiffel Tower with the dark implication the Monkees jumped from the top to escape the pursuing girls. Along the way, they goof around with various people they meet. I do not know how much is staged or improvised, but three appears to be genuine positive and negative reactions from both the Monkees and the people they encounter. Organized chaos would be the best way to describe it.
      There is a blonde in a yellow shirt who is particularly interested in Mike. She is my favorite of the four young ladies. You do not have to know that. I just thought I would share.
      The Parisian romp is book ended by “real world” scenes of the Monkees filming yet another episode about spies threatening them because of some microfilm they inadvertently possess when they stop filming and complain to Frawley about being forced to do the same shtick in every episode. They leave for Paris with the admonition Frawley needs to come up with something fresh by the time they return. When they return, they realize Frawley has only made cosmetic changes, so they storm off set. The show is definitely coming to an end.
      I agree the show's quality is plummeting. I feel a genuine sense of relief I only have a handful more to review. The show amused a heck of a lot better when I was nine than it does now that I am forty. I am not too enthusiastic about “The Monkees in Paris.” Well, aside from that blonde. Ironically, I appreciate her more at forty than I probably did at eight. So there is that.
     Rating: ** (out of 5)

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