Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Monkees--"The Frodis Caper"

      Here we are, folks! It is the final episode of The Monkees. Our long, blogging nightmare is almost. Okay, I am exaggerating. But the series is much less fun than I remember it. I never realized before how quickly the show deteriorated in quality during the second season. It got so bad, they let Micky write and direct the final episode. I do not know what he was on at the time, but I am glad h stopped imbibing.
  The Monkees wake up to a Beatles song and discover peter entranced by an eye test pattern on the television. When they discover their neighbors are in the same condition, the guys go to the television station to investigate. They are captured by the evil Wizard Glick, who plans to use the power of something called the Frodis to enslave the minds of all humanity. The Monkees escape and recaptured several time before discovering Frodis is a sentient plant from outer space. They return Frodis to his ship where he defeats Glick and saves the world.
   There were number of strange reference to Glick and Frodis throughout the season. Prominent examples are Mike being mistaken for Glick by a gambler in Las Vegas and Frodis written on a chalkboard. Glick implies he has encountered the Monkees five years prior to “The Frodis Caper.” That would make him the closest thing to an archenemy the Monkees ever had. Aside from uncreative writers, of course.
      If nothing else, 'The Frodis Caper” proves why the series needed to mercifully end. The writing is so nonsensical, any of the social commentary, such as poking fun at the self-importance of pop culture, is lost. The frenetic camera work makes the story unpleasant to follow. Micky eventually became an accomplished director in the United Kingdom, but he was trying way too hard here. It is tough the series went out on such a weak note. The episode is weird enough that it needs to be seen at least once to b appreciated, but you would need to do a dangerous amount of narcotics to make any sense out of it.
     Rating: * (out of 5)

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