Sunday, July 2, 2017

Monkees--"The Monkees Mind Their Manor"

    Europe simply cannot go along without Davy. If a prince does not need to be saved from assassination by her evil uncle, then a shy doppelganger prince needs him to teach the prince to properly use the old royal to woo a lady. England in particular has difficulties without Davy. If his grandfather is not insisting her return home, he is insisting Davy assist a English race car driver show the Germans what for. But “The Monkees Mind their Manor” is the final chapter in Davy's effort to serve as champion of the homeland.
     Lord kibbee dies and wills his estate to Davy on the condition he live there for five years. Davy is not too keen on leaving the United States for five years. His only two options are to leave, allowing Lance Kibbee the Sot to sell the estate to developers and evict the villagers or raise  £;50,000 to buy the state outright. He opts for the latter, o the Monkees put on a medieval fair. To fill screen time, Davy must also face a three event challenge by Tibee's lawyer, Twiggly Toppermiddlebottom. Davy take two out of three.
      In spit of the victory, the guys fall far short. The villagers refuse to force Davy to remain on the estate for their sake. Myra de Groot takes the opportunity to unload on Kibbee exactly what she thinks of him. In the heat of the moment, they declare love for one another. Tibee decides to marry her o the two can remain on the estate. That should work out well. He is a drunk and she is...not exactly a fine catch. Oh, well.
      Peter becomes he first Monkee to direct an episode. Whoever is in charge should have given him a better script. There was not much to work with here. Micky will become the next Monkee to direct an episode and the first to write one. The series finale, which comes up for review in a few days, is all his for praise or blame.
      I am not a big fan of “The Monkees Mind Their Manor.” The episode comes across as poorly planned. It is mostly because the main comedic action involves the contest between Davy and Twiggly, but the outcome would have no effect on whether the estate is sold even if Davy lost all three. It is nothing but filler. Since the story takes up only about seventeen minutes, that much filler means someone did not put much thought into the script. There are a few laughs, but they mostly rely on in jokes and British stereotypes. The episode's quality is further evidence the series is quickly coming to its inglorious end.
      Rating: ** (out of 5)

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