Thursday, June 1, 2017

Monkees--"Monkee Mayor"

    After several shots at reshaping the royal heads of Europe and the Middle East, the Monkees set their sights on something a little less ambitious—the mayoralty of Los Angeles. Any city that would elect Sam Yorty an Eric Garcetti is bound to think a Monkee would fit right In with city hall. In this case, the guys run mike for mayor.
     Mike decides to run for mayor of Los Angeles after he neighbors are evicted to make way for a parking lot ad he gets the runaround from the current mayor. Mike runs a legitimate campaign on a shoestring budget during a hilarious musical romp, but it does not have much impact. The campaign is successful enough for some ciiy hall goons to trash their campaign headquarters...which happens to also be their living room. This prompts the Monkees to snoop in the mayor's office and uncover the real estate scheme concocted by Zeckenbush, a shady campaign backer.
      The Monkees attempt to get photographic evidence fails when Peter opts to photograph something else instead. With no evidence of corruption and no money left, Mike considers withdrawing.. But Mike believes a sudden windfall of cash is a sign the little people are rooting for him. He spends the donations on a lavish campaign only to discover the money came from Zeckenbush. He offers Mike an ultimatum—drop out or be exposed.
     Mike goes n television and charmingly fumbles through a speech about how he idealistically entered the race because believed he could grant power to the powerless, but he ran into corruption that was too massive for him. In a particularly hokey development, the mayor is moved by Mike's peech and assures him live on the air things will be run differently from now on. But since a wrecking ball smashes through the pad's roof, perhaps the mayor was just attempting to capitalize on mike's aw shucks appeal to solidify his position and go through with the parking lot development.
     The romp was hilarious but it was about the only amusing aspect of the episode. The jokes were corny. Some o them were practically antiques, such as Micky finding the key to a filing cabinet on a skeleton in the closet and assuring Mike it would work because it was a skeleton key. I think it is interesting the show has slipped in some biting political commentary regarding protesters and the Vietnam War in previous episodes, but plays it safe with cartoon level humor in an episode about politics. Network interference, maybe? I do not know, but the satire in “Monkee Mayor” could have been more biting.
      Rating: ** (out of 5)

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