Friday, June 23, 2017

Monkees--"Fairy Tale"

      You can almost always tell when a series is sputtering to an end when it does an out of continuity episode which winds up being a dream or fantasy or otherwise never really happened. What happens when a surreal show like The Monkees reaches that point? You get the worst episode of the series. No, seriously. I almost decided against reviewing The Monkees because I would b forced to sit through this episode again. But I soldiered through it, folks.
      “Fairy Tale” is set in a medieval kingdom designed in the style of a high school play. Cardboard cut outs and such. Mike is a cobbler. Davy is a tailor. Micky is an innkeeper. Peter is unemployed because he is infatuated with a princess, who is played by Mike. While riding through town, the princess' carriage gets tuck in the mud. Peter lets the princes step on him to avoid the mud, and she rewards him with a locket. Peter discovers her guards plan to imprison hr in a tower before executing her. So he sets off to rescue her with the power of the locket which the princes did not know was magic.
      On his hero's journey, Peter meets various fairy tale characters. Each encounter ends with a Fractured Fairy Tales sort of joke. Except that Fractured Fairy Tales was a humorous series. Peter's rescue attempt fails when the princes learns the locket is magic and insists on taking it back. So then he is captured, too. The guys come to his rescue, but are losing until the princess is convinced to give the locket back to Peter. The good guys subsequently win. The viewers inevitable lose.
      There is a rare for the second season post-episode interview in which the guys talk about filming 'fairy tale.” Mike sums up his experience—in particular his appearing in drag—with open irritation. “I'm pretending it didn't happen,' he says. So am I, Mike. So am I.
      Rating: * (out of 5)

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