Saturday, June 10, 2017

Monkees--"The Card-Carrying Red Shoes"

      “The Card-Carrying Red Shoes” sees the Monkees involved in Cold War espionage for the fourth and final time. The plot re-use appears to be one time too much. For whatever reason, Mike sits it out while the other three look like they wish they had thought of ditching the episode, too. Old plot, old jokes, and a partial cast. If that does not sound promising, that is because it is not.
    Micky, Davy, and Peter are hired to play for the National Druvanian Ballet. The NDB is actually a spy ring that hides a stolen microfilm in the star, Natasha's, ballet shoes. Natasha is sick of the whole ballet stick, so she stows away with the Monkees' instruments trunk with plans to defect. She develops a thing for Peter, which prompts him to be kidnapped by the spy ring. They plan to kill him when the cymbals crash at the big performance. Micky dresses in chicken suit to sabotage the performance and Davy does everything possible to keep the cymbal from crashing while Natasha rescues Peter.
     The plot is pretty much paint by numbers. This is not the first time microfilm has been a MacGuffin. This is not the first time Peter is kidnapped and threatened by the villains. It certainly is not the first time he is separated from the rest of the band fr much of the action. The only aspect of the episode that is original or funny is Micky acting up on stage in the chicken suit. It is not enough to save the episode, however. I imagine whatever Mike was up to during this time was far more amusing.
      Rating: * (out of 5)

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