Saturday, June 24, 2017

Doctor Who--"World Enough and Time"

      “World Enough and Time” is the first episode of the two part finale of the tenth season. It was net to impossible to avoid spoilers for the big event. In fact, the two biggest were exposed in March and April before the series even began. At least they have been able to keep the identity of who with play the Thirteenth Doctor a secret. There were still enough surprises to make the episode something special. I was, in parts, both scared and saddened. When it is only the penultimate episode of the series, that is a good sign of things to come.
      The Doctor now trusts Missy enough to offer her a test run at investigating an issue her would normally handle. Bill and Nardole are wary, but agree to g along based on the Doctor's sincere desire to see Missy reformed. The TARDIS arrives on a 400 mile long, 100 mile wide ship heading away from a black hole. The Doctor remains in the TARDIS for Missy to take the lead. It ends in disaster as Jorj, shows up demanding to know which one of them is human. Something dangerous is coming their way because of the human. When Bill admits to being human, Jorj seemingly kills her. The CGI of the hole through Bill's chest is amazing.
     When the people finally arrive, they take Bill. The Doctor assumes they can help bill, so he lets go, but not before implanting a message in Bill's subconscious to wait for him. The doctor is right Bill is helped. He has a cybernetic device permanently attached to her chest to serve as her heart. He was also right to encourage her to patiently wait for him. Since the ends of the ship are at opposite ends of a black hole, time moves at opposite speeds. As time runs fastrr at he end closest to the black hole here bill is being taken, time will move faster for her. To put it exactly, the Doctor spends tn minutes explaining the situation and devising a plan to rescue Bill. But that ten minutes is nearly three years for Bill.
      Bill's experience is the most chilling thing I have witnessed in a while. Generations have passed in the few days since the ship reversed course from the black hole. Bill is stuck in a hospital with patients with their heads covered by masks who think only of their pain and desire to die. Bill befriends Mr. Razor, a scruffy man who appears to be a low level worker. She spends the bulk of her time with him.
      You know things must go from bad to wore, o here it is. Mr. Razor is actually Jon Simm's Master He hands Bill over to doctor who convert her into a full blown Mondasian Cyberman. The Master then seemingly convinces Missy to join him in whatever plan he is hatching. The Doctor discovers both bill's cruel fate and Missy's apparent betrayal. To be continued.
      It took a few scenes before I figured out Mr. Razor was Jon Simm under a lot of make up. The hair and make up looked fake fro the beginning, but I still did not guess right away it was Simm. The make up job was impressive. Or my eyesight is worse than I thought. Or both. Credit where credit is due. Speaking of make up/costuming, I was concerned the original '60's look of the Cybermen would not fly in 2017, but I was wrong. The idea of being converted into one of those things is terrifying. It is the sing-song, emotionless voice that gets me. So does bill's pitiful plea in that voice, 'I waited for you.” What a heart breaking moment.
      It is going to be difficult to top “World Enough and time,' but I am anticipating the conclusion. Unfortunately, Steven Moffat has a habit of fizzling out when it comes to resolving storyline. My fingers are crossed for the best. The pacing and mood were excellent. As I said above, I was both frightened and saddened at parts. It is not too often I feel such strong emotions over fictional characters.
     Rating: **** (out of 5)

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