Monday, May 1, 2017

Monkees--"Find the Monkees"

      The Monkees go meta when they seek to audition for a television producer who is also looking for them after accidentally hears a rehearsal session recording of theirs. Wires keep getting crossed as they barely miss one another. The episode is fun, but the most interesting part is the epilogue interview. We will get to that in a moment.
      Our heroes run into quite a few obstacles in their pursuit of television producer Hubbell Benson and his long suffering secretary, Ms. Chomsky, including peter's nervous hiccups, auditioning by phone to the wrong number, and plain scaring Benson off in a musical romp. For his effort, Hubbell tries the missing persons bureau and a newspaper headline. Nothing works until a rival band recognizes the Monkees' rehearsal session recording.
      The Monkees play for Benson at the beach house and he loves them. It looks like the Monkees have gotten their big break until ms Chomsky samples the theme song for the new show. Benson loves her voice. He cannot believe he missed the talent right under his nose all thee years! The Monkees miss out on their chance at stardom yet again. Peter take it the hardest when reality hit him and goes missing for the end of the episode.
     “Find the Monkees' is one of the best episodes of the series. It is one of the few in which the focus is on the band trying to find success. They all work together well, and the guest cast is just as funny. The musical romp advances the plot. The show is getting better at doing that. One of my favorite sight gags is featured when the phone booth audition delays Clark Kent from changing into Superman. 
     I also enjoy the subtle point the Monkees are struggling to be the band thy already are The other bands auditioning for Benson have a gimmick, such as matching costumes, but the Monkees are uniquely themselves.
      Speaking of uniquely being themselves, the post episode interview. It is the best one of the series, if memory serves of the rest. Sentence me to thirty lashes with a wet noodle if I change my mind later. The Monkees talk about the sunset Strip riots that occurred in 1966 over a ten PM curfew set for anyone under age eighteen. Micky indignantly declares they were demonstrations, not riots. The authorities and journalist cannot spell demonstrations, so they call it a riot. They can spell a word with four letters. Ouch. When mike is asked if he would like for kids to wear their hair like his, says he wants kids to wear their hair anyway they want. This interview is one of the rare times the Monkees were allowed to indulge in the youth rebellion of the '60's during the show. It is interesting to watch.
Rating: **** (out of 5)

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