Saturday, April 15, 2017

Monkees--"Too Many Girls"

     We are not even halfway through the first season and the series is already recycling plots. “Too any girls” is a double whammy. Not only dies it prominently feature the trope of Davy falling in love with every girl he meets, but the guys must prevent him from leaving the group as thy did a few episodes back in “Success Story” Not only are the plots used again, both are used poorly.
      The guys are having a difficult time rehearsing because girls keep pooping up out of nowhere distracting Davy. He seems to fall in love with every single on of them. Mrs. Badderly an overbearing mother, plans to use this to con Davy into helping her daughter, Fern, launch a career in show business. She lures the guys into her tea shop with the promise of reading their fortunes. She predicts Mike will get a flat tire, Peter will came down with a cold, and Davy will meet a girl and form a successful act. Fern secretly lets the air out of the Monkeemobile's tires and douses Peter's jacket with sneezing powder so the fist two predictions appear to become reality. The guys must keep Davy away fro any girls for the next 24 hours.
      Mrs. Badderly forces Fern into a few failed efforts. (Say that three times fast.) The guys finally resort to chaining Davy to a chair in from of the television Mrs Badderly arranges for Davy to supposedly judge a beauty contest, chain or no, Davy cannot resist. When he first eyes Fern, he falls madly in love. Davy agrees to form a duo for an amateur talent contest. The guys sabotage the act in order to expose the con job. In spite of the act turning out awful, Fern & Davy win—even beating out the Monkees themselves.
      Is the tired pot the real problem with “Too many Girls/' mostly, yes. At least the episode recognizes the issue as it self-references the problem for laughs. Nevertheless, it is not that amusing. There is no musical romp, either. It is a sorely missing element. If there is a saving race, it is Peter, Mike, and Micky performing terrible acts for the amateur talent show. Peter is y favorite fumbling through a magic act I think this is the most the show has given him to do thus far, and its great. Mike mumbles through his "Different Drum" a year before it became a hit for Linda Ronstadt. Micky does his James Cagney impression multiple times yet again. But none of their efforts save 'Too Many Girls” from mediocrity.
      Rating: ** (out of 5)

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