Sunday, April 16, 2017

Monkees--"Son of a Gypsy"

      Did every television series in the '60's do an episode featuring gypsies? It certainly seem like it. Every episode is complete with the standard stereotypes: a group of sadistic, nomadic thieves dressed with bandannas and earrings. “Son of a Gypsy" is no exception. Nor is it particularly exceptional as an episode in general. See what I did there?
      For some odd reason, the Monkees are auditioning against a band of gypsies in order to play a high society party. One wonders if the Three Stooges will be catering. The Monkees win out. To show there are no hard feelings—although there clearly are—the gypsies invite the guys to visit their camp tomorrow. For no god reason, the guys accept the invite. At camp the next day, they are incapacitated and persuaded to pull off the gypsies' original plan to steal the Maltese Vulture during the upcoming party. As insurance, the gypsies will hold peter hostage while Marco, one of their own, replaces him.
      Do I even need to mention they successfully pull off the caper, save Peter, and during the musical romp recover the Maltese Vulture and apprehend the gypsies? Because I figure all that goes without saying. It also goes without saying peter is again taken out the picture early on The poor guy has little more than a glorified cameo. It is funny when he disappears as the final joke, Micky asks if he might have gone solo. Peter would be the first to leave the Monkees, and who could blame him? Davy even steals his Harpo Marx shtick by using a bag of never ending and impossibly large items to break open the Maltese Vulture's safe.
      Logical plotting is not this series' strong point and that is usually intentional. But you are asked to make some serious leaps here. Why would a part of high society old people want the Monkees to play their party. These folks look like more the Lawrence Welk crowd Why would the guys go to the gypsies' camp when they felt threatened even before being invited? There are a few funny moments to make up for the absurdities, but I am still nagged by these two implausible plot points more than I probably should be.
      Rating: *** (out of 5)

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