Sunday, August 24, 2014

Doctor Who--"The Runaway Bride"

Yes, I know Martha has not joined up yet, but since the Christmas episode is the official start of the season despite a four month hiatus (and you thought Lost’‘s was bad), I have gone ahead with added the Doctor/Martha photo. Funny thing, really. “The Runaway Bride” takes place immediately after Rose’s departure, she is only shown in aquick but poignant flashback, and yet she is all over the episode. Overall it was a nice bridge between the Rose Tyler and Martha Jones Eras which should satisfy both the fans and detractors of Rose and her relationship with the Doctor. Catherine Tate was a nifty one time stand in, but mercy does her voice grate on me.

You may recall from the tail end of “Doomsday” that a bride appeared inside the TARDIS. Donna has been subjected to drugging of huon particles, a substance which exists in the heart of the TARDIS. That is how she gets pulled in, but the fact that huon particles have not existed for billions of years piques that Doctor’s curiosity. He tries to get her back to her wedding and along the way untangles a four billion year old plot to awaken a alien race of spider alien hibernating inside the Earth. The Queen plans to use the infected donna as the catalyst by tossing her down a tunnel to the Earth’s core.

The doctor manages to save her and the earth in his usual manner, but it I the personal touches that really get you. Donna’s fiance was in on the plot with the Queen’s promise to show him the universe. There was a certain twinge of recognition there how that is the Doctor’s promise to his new companions. Donna is broken hearted and alone, much like the Doctor over Rose, yet she refuses his offer to become his new companion by saying he is dangerous and scary. The remark is particularly painful, considering what has happened to Rose. Donna does tell him to find someone. He needs the anchor. Someone had to verballize that, I believe, for it to not appear callous for Martha to hitch a ride on the TARDIS.

It was not a bad episode, although I liked last year’s better. Catherine Tate at some point had a sketch comedy show and I got the idea she was hamming it up as some of her more popular characters Perhaps it tickled more British funny bones. I cannot say. There were certainly an awful lot of connection to previous elements. Torchwood was mentioned, the Sycorax invasion, the Battle of Canary Warf, and my favorite just because, several flashbacks to Rose during the wedding reception as the Doctor was reminded of her by every peroxide blonde on the dance floor. Funny, yet kind of sad. A good start to the third sason, methinks.

Rating: *** (out of 5).

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