Sunday, August 24, 2014

Doctor Who--"Last of the Time Lords"

Russell T. Davies has done it again. I do not mean that in a good way. As I have said before, his writing is hit and miss. With three episodes in a row penned by him, it was bound to happen. I suppose there is a possibility I have just been spoiled by the last five outings. The two last RTD scripts were great as were the episode written by Steven Moffat and Paul Cornell. But I really do not think so. The finale was clich├ęd, predictable, and relied too much on supporting characters, many of whom we have never seen before. That worked all right in “The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit,” but not here. This was one of the weakest of the season and the worst finale thus far.

Why can RTD not vary his plots more? There was an alien invasion of Earth, a human resistance, and a companion’s departure after stealing the show from the Doctor the same as in both the previous seasons. What is worse this time around was the dreaded reset button. I saw that coming with the Paradox device the TARDIS had been turned into, but I hoped beyond all hope I would be wrong. I was not. The reset button used here was worse than any used on the worst episodes of Star Trek: Voyager.

We begin ne year later. Martha has been traveling across the world telling everyone about the Doctor and some secret plan to defeat the Master. She is part of a resistance movement which has been fighting the Toclafane. Much of the world has been utterly destroyed. The Master is completely drunk with power. He still holds the Doctor captive, even aging him another few centuries with some awful looking CGI even y BBC standards. Captain jack and the Jones family are also held captive. We learn the Tochlafane are the humans sent to utopia, but it was not what they expected. The Master freed them and allowed them to kill humans apparently just for the fun of it.

In the climax, Martha is betrayed by a new character we care nothing about and is about to be executed by the Master when the secret weapon is revealed. Everyone on Earth who knows about the Doctor mentally says his name. Somehow o another, that deages him. Hedefeats the Mster, Jack disables the Paradox, and everything returns to the point just after the US president was killed with no one other than the people in the immidate area remembering anything. Martha’s mother wants to kill he Master, but she cannot do it. His wife does instead. The Doctor begs him to regenerate, but he does not. Still, we get a hint at the end he will return.

There are a couple twits here. Captain Jack is apparently the Face of Boe. That is just weird and an anticlimactic point for Torchwood. Seondly, Martha ecides she has had enough of unrequited love and opts to leave the TARDIS. She tells the Doctor to contact her anytime for help, but otherwise, she is staying on Earth. There I where the rumors about Freema Agyeman leaving came from. We did get a preview of the Christmas special, too. It will be set on the Titanic. Give me a break. I was already under whelmed by the finale. Do not jab me twice in a row.

Rating: ** (out of 5)

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