Monday, August 25, 2014

Doctor Who--"A Good Man Goes to War"

"Demons run when a good man goes to war.
Night will fall and drown the sun when a good man goes to war.
Friendship dies and true love lies,
Night will fall and the dark will rise,
When a good man goes to war."

The sixth series of Doctor Who is being split in half. “A Good Man Goes to War” serves as the mid-series finally. It is a big enough story to tide us over until the second half in September. It is safe to say the episode was over hyped, but it is still very good.

The episode begins right where the cliffhanger reveal of Amy as a Ganger left off. The real Amy is being held captive by a paramilitary group who want to use her baby as a weapon against the Doctor. Melody, as Amy named her, is half Time Lord because she was conceived in the TARDIS.

The Doctor and Rory enlist the aid of various characters from the last three series in order to locate Amy and melody in order to rescue them. Rory asks for River song’s help, but she mysteriously refuses. The assault on the paramilitary space station is not a success. Melody is revealed to be a ganger. The Eye patch lady made off with the real Melody some time before.

River shows up at what the BBC’s public relations department called the Doctor’s darkest hour to finally reveal her true identity. She is Amy and Rory’s daughter, Melody. I really cannot say that was a huge shock. The idea river was going to be the grown up version of Amy’s baby was the most commonly guessed game changer upon which the mid-series would end. In spite of the lack of surprise, I am not disappointed.

“A Good Man Goes to War” is very exciting. It is particularly good considering how little a role the Doctor plays in it. Certainly, he gets a few moments to shine, but right up until the end, it is Rory and the guest stars who take the lead. The Doctor is sent reeling at the realization the only child of his closest friends has been put in danger because of his destructive reputation. The villains want her because she is the only way to stop him. It is fantastic how he lights up at the reveal that River is future Melody. It is all he needs to regain the confidence to rescue the infant melody.

I am going to assume having the child is the way to get Amy and Rory out of the TARDIS without any drama like his last few companions have suffered. I have to confess melancholy at the thought. Amy and Rory have grown on me. Seeing them depart so quickly is a bummer.

Like I said above, “A Good Man Goes to War” was over hyped for what was actually in it, but it is still very good. I am anxious for September to roll around to see what is next. This in spite of the goofy “Let’s Kill Hitler” titls for the next episode.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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