Sunday, August 24, 2014

Doctor Who--"Evolution of the Daleks"

I was disappointed by the conclusion of this two part epic, especially considering the stellar set up in the first installment. The first part’s only major flaw were the absolutely awful faked American accents. This time around, it seemed like the writer backed herself into too good a corner with the set up and could not come up with a satisfying conclusion. A number of elements here bugged me and wound up giving the episode a much lower rating than its predecessor. Not the least of which was a huge cop out at the end.

We begin right where we left off. Dalek Sec is a new Dalek/Human hybrid and the future of his race. They have the Doctor dead to rights here, but in bad James Bond villain fashion, allow him to jabber on an figure a way to escape rather than just kill him out right. They will have four-- count ‘em-- four other chances before the episode is out, but never get around to finishing off their greatest enemy. The first in back at Hooverville when the Daleks discover that is where The Doctor has taken off. Solomon attacks to reason with them and gets exterminated. But not the Doctor. Dalek Sec believes he can help with their final experiment.

Here is the od thing-- he does. The doctor begins the process of creating more hybrids from dead human tissue believing the added humanity will temper the Daleks’ murderous urges. The other three members of the Cult of Skao are not so convinced. The capture Sec and plan for the new humans to be pure Dalek. The Doctor attempts to stop the final move on the experiment-- a wave a gamma radiation hitting the Empire State Building --by eventually using himself as the lightning rod. Why something that spectacular did not caue him to regenerate is going to come back and haunt future Doctor “deaths.”

The hybrids have Time Lord DNA rather than Dalek and therefore have a conscience. When ordered to kill the Doctor for the third missed opportunity, they refuse and kill all the Daleks but Khan (Caan?). The Doctor eventually finds Khan alone and ofers him some compassion. Khan is the same old Dalek, yet he passes up both the opportunity for help and to kill the Doctor in favor of a temporal shift. His escape not only ensure another Dalek encounter, but I cannot shake the feeling it will be a Star Trek II homage. It sounds too apprpriate to pass up.

There is one quickie bit about saving Bellulah’s boyfriend’s life that is pretty much a blink and you will miss it element apparently thrown in for time. I do not really know. But I do know the end was a big letdown considering how mch I liked the set up. The third season has been the most even up until this point, but “Evolution of the Daleks” was the first dud.

Rating: ** (out of 5)

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