Monday, August 25, 2014

Doctor Who--"Cold Blood"

I will say one thing for “Cold Blood”-- my complaint that last week’s episode was derivative of several episodes from the Russell T. Davies era does not apply to the conclusion. It I, however, a rather preachy morality tale that reminds me of something Brannon Braga would have banged out for the final season of Enterprise.

Humanity is the villain of the story. It is the drilling that has threatened their underground city and caused a near military coup planning to attack the surface world. The Doctor arranges for negotiations between Amy--still looking hot in that miniskirt--and the civilian leadership to share the surface world.

I am sorry, but that strikes me as grossly hokey. The Doctor is facilitating the coexistence of humanity ad reptiles, separated by millennia, by letting a young stripper--that is what Amy is, folks-- serve as the catalyst? That would be hopelessly idealistic for Gene Roddenberry, much less the powers that be at Doctor Who.

The story is redeemed when the Silurian hostage is killed. The negotiations break off as the military coup goes into full swing. The civilian leadership decides to send all the Silurians back into a thousand year hibernation at the end of which mankind will certainly be ready to share the planet. Or the place will have bee taken over by d*mn dirty apes either way it will be a fresh start for the Silurians an grandpa and his wife, who opts to stay behind so he can have his injury treated.

In a bit that seems tacked on, the crack in the universe appears as they are escaping to the TARDIS. Rory is shot and killed by a Silurian. When his body gets washed by the light from the crack, ay forgets who he ever existed. I already know he is going to show up I the finale, plus he has already “died” twice before, so the scene does not pack as much of an emotional punch as when the Doctor pulls a charred piece of the TARDIS out of the crack.

Although I am glad Rory will return. I like the character.

Anyone else think the awkward voice over was a pointless addition? It served for unnecessary exposition and acknowledgment the thousand year hibernation ended positively. Did we really need that to figure out the outcome?

I do not hate “Cold Blood.” The premise is great. But so much about it is executed poorly. Amy is written as more vapid than ever before. She is a pickpocket, too. There is a nice touch. Evvviiiilll humanity is behind itall, but in a thousand years, we will be every bit as wonderful as the lizards who used to run the joint. Sorry, but that is a really annoying concept.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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