Monday, August 25, 2014

Doctor Who--"Amy's Choice"

“Amy’s Choice” is a fairly mixed bag. The premise has been done so many times, it has gone passed obligatory and headed into, “Not again!” territory. Not only that, but there were many repeated elements from past Doctor Who episodes. The repeated elements were not as bad as in last week’s “The Vampires of Venice,” however, and they did serve as a bit of course correcting. I will explain what I mean in a moment.

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory are trapped by the Dream Lord, played rather disturbingly by Toby Jones, within two scenarios. One is the disabled TARDIS driftig towards. The other is five years later with Rory and a pregnant Amy happily married, but stalked by a nursing home full of alien possessed elderly folks.

I am assuming the latter scenario was supposed to have a touch of absurdity to it, but it did not come across that way. Odd, considering the writer of “Amy’s Choice” is Simon Nye, who is famous for writing sitcoms. I will admit the old fogies are scary. Their chase scenes take on a nightmare feel much like Night of the Huter The atmosphere makes it a little too obvious too early it is a dream sequence. Really, the concept of having humans possessed by aliens in Doctor Who is terribly cliché at this point. The budget is tight for creating new aliens, burt more ingenuity I getting around the problem would be nice.

The three have to decide which is real and which is the dream before they die in reality. Amy makes the fateful choice the nursig home scenario is the dream after rory is killed. She really is not certain, but decidesshecannot live without him regardless, so it makes no difference if she is right. She and the Doctor stage a fatal milk van crash.

The final twist is both scenarios are dreams. The Doctor destroys the TARDIS so all three wake up in reality. The Dream Lord is actually a parasite who feeds off negative emotions. Like I said, we have seen this sort of thing a million times before in science fiction.

Back to the coursecorecting I mentioned. There are some very clear parallels between Amy/Rory and Rose/Mickey. What I like about Amy/Rory is their maturity as characters. Both are in the TARDIs to have fun and see the universe. Amy does not have a puppy love crush on the Doctor like Rose. In this episode, she chose rory over the Doctor. Bonus points for the Doctor not acting all emo about her decision, either. Rory is more mature, with more backbone, and far less insecure about himself than Mickey ever was. Amy and rory are what Rose and Mickey could have been if they had wrong up some.

“Amy’s Choice” was certainly not original, but it had some fun elements. It felt a lot like a filler episode whose only purpose was to establish that Amy has amore solid relationship with rory than he does with the Doctor. I am not sure what to make of the Dream lord’s taut to amy that the Doctor is I love with River Song . Whwther that is foreshadowing some elements for her return in the final few episodes or aother ambiguous reference for the future, we shall see.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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