Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"Identity"

It certainly seems like every Keller-centric episode has her big, brown eyes in desperate need o rescue.  “Identity” is no different.  “Identity” is not different in a lot o ways, starting with those communication stones from the parent show serving as a plot point.   The fifth season is not big on originality.

A thief named Neeva is stealing a set of communication stones shortly after Keller has touche another set found in Janus’ lab a few episodes back.  The wo find themselves in each other’s body.  Neeva has a difficult time pretening to be Keller.  Stabbing Zelenka contributes to the problem.  Keller is in prison about to be executed for Neeva’s crimes.  Neeva leads AR-1 to the planet, but her cohorts have rescued Keller thinking she is Neeva before they get there.  Everything is straightened out, but not before Keller is shot and Neeva is killed over the mistaken identities.

What can I tell you?  It is a passably enjoyable episode of Stargate Atlantis without much frills to raise it above that bar.  As with a couple episodes back, Jewel Stait shows off ample cleavage to compensate for any script shortcomings.  It works for me. 

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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