Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"Infection"

“Infection” features the end of Todd the Wraith’s story arc amid a Zombie Wraith movie.   That is pretty much the episode in a nutshell.  Like many in the fifth season, there is a lot of energy spent on eye candy, but not much on the script.  The eye candy is pretty cool, though.

Todd’s Hive ship appears in orbit with the entire crew in hibernation pods.  It turns out the serum that eliminates their need to feed on humans causes cancer.  As our heroes work on a cure, they become trapped as the ship creates new walls blocking their way in an attempt to fix the cancer.  If that was not bad enough, Wraith begin awakening with carnivorous intentions.  Ourt heroes are forced to kill them all except Todd, who remains alive to manage a crash landing on the ocean.  He departs freely as thanks and goes off in search of an Iratus bug to hopefully cure him.

A Hive ship as a floating tumor is a gross, but neat idea.  The sets and special effects are the highlight of the episode, especially the ocean splashdown.  The Zombie Wraith aspect could have been a bit more exciting.  Instead, it feels like action sequences thrown in there at the last minute out of obligation.   “Infection” is not all that bad, but it is clearly a quick storyline wrap up from a cancelled show.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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