Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"Inquisition"

A clip show.  Wow.  Seven episoes left, and Stargate Atlantis decides to go with a clip show.  Yet again, I see why the actors complain the writers were tired of them towards the end.  “Inquisition” barely even qualifies as phoning it in.

I will give “Inquisition” one kudo--at least the episode reasonably uses clips from past episodes.  It is still a lazy, budget saving move, but placing the Atlantis crew on trial and using old clips to illustrate their defense testimony at least reinforces the testimony.   Sp there is that.

As mentioned, the plot is that a new coalition of human worlds have captured AR-1 and placed them on trial for crimes against the Pegasus galaxy.  A strong case is made against them.  Sheppard did initially awaken the Wraith.  They did interfere with the Genii plan to destroy the Wraith.  They did create Michael.  They did spark off the Replicator-Wraith War.  The tribunal did not even bring up that Rodney destroyed an entire solar system.  All tolled, two million people have died due to these actions. 

The most amusing part about the charges is that they are so solid, the only way to avoid a guilty verdict is for Woolsey to secretly create an alliance with two of the coalition powers with the argument they cannot fiht of the Wraith without the power of Atlantis behind them.  The plan works, and our heroes are found not guilty.

Is there a jab at military tribunals for Gitmo prisoners here?  I expected one, but was pleasantly surprised that nothing jumped out at me. 

“Inquisition” is a neat idea.  If it had been more elaborate, it might have even made for a good final episode.  Maybe the writers decided against it because our heroes really were guilty of everything of which they were accused.  A little too Seinfeldian, perhaps?  The episode does feel extremely cheap.  I am surprised one of the few remaining episodes of the series would be wasted like this.  “Inquisition” is a disappointment because of how much potential is squandered.  Not even Robert Picardo as the defense attorney save the episode.  

Rating: ** (out of 5)

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