Friday, February 15, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"Outsiders"

Beckett Clone returns for what could have been a compelling moral dilemma, but turns out to be a run of the mill adventure. Not that the result is bad, but the series has already been cancelled. The writers have nothing to lose by taking some chances, but they are merely coasting.

Beckett Clone is now a traveling doctor in the Pegasus galaxy. He comes across a planet that has taken in refugees infected by the Hoffa virus. They have been displaced because the Wraith destroyed their planet. When the Wraith come for the refugees, the settlement’s leader, Jarvis, plans to give them up in order to save his people. Ultimately, it does not happen because AR-1 relocates the refugees after defeating the Wraith.

“Outsiders” is a missed opportunity. Jarvis is faced with a tough leadership decision. Should he give up a group of people to whom he has promised sanctuary to certain death in order to save his own people or take a stand on general principle. It would have been a thought provoking ending had he gone through with the former, but there a relatively convenient ending so no one has to deal with any nasty moral implications for morally gray decisions. “Outsiders” might ave been elevated otherwise.

Which is not to say “Outsiders” is bad. The episode is a solid, but generic episode of the series. One would hope for something more special for the return of paul Mcillion, not to mention one of the final episodes of the series. Alas, no.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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