Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"Tracker"

The second Keller-centric episode of the fifth and final season is much better than the first. Then again, having a giant plant growing out of her is not a hard to top plot. “Tracker” is a solid character piece that transcends its generic plot.

Ronon and Rodney accompany Keller on an off world humanitarian mission to treat a contagion. Keller is kidnapped by a Runner named Kiryk who needs her to treat an injured little girl who has been in his care since her parents were killed because they gave hi refuge for a night. Why does Kiryk not just ask for Keller’s help? Too risky, he says. Kidnapping is a much safer idea. There is television logic for you.

Ronon and Rodney follow their trail while battling both Wraith that have followed Kiryk an each other, because they are both now competing for Keller’s affection. I cannot blame them. Who would not want Jewel Staite after them romantically?

The plot is fairly predictable. Kiryk is not really a bad guy. He bonds with Keller before sacrificing himself so the little girl can get to Atlantis for medical treatment. Ronon and Rodney flare up a rivalry to which keller is oblivious. There is lots of gunplay and fist fights with Wraith. Even Keller gets in on it after some training from Ronon. Finally, she is a woman of action. Totally cool. I will not say “Tracker” is a cannot miss, but it is not bad.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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