Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"Whispers"

“Whispers” is another in the mini-theme of Stargate Atlantis paying homage to gothic horror. The results are lackluster for various reasons, but lookee, lookee--DS9’s Nicole de Boer takes a break from her stagnant straight to DVD movie career in order to play a scientist member of a rival AR team. She is still cute, too.

Said rival AR team, which happens to be filled with hot women, discovers one of Michael’s secret labs. Sheppard and Beckett clone join up with the ladies to investigate the lab. There are more hybrids there, and a local dunce sets them free thinking one might be his captured wife. The hybrids stalk our heroes through the dense fog until all twelve of them are shot to ribbons.

So there is not much of a plot. Are there good points regardless? Indeed, they are. For one, the episode explain Beckett clone has been on Earth for the last six months, which explains his conspicuous absence from the medical emergencies during the last few episodes. The hot female AR team is pretty cool, too. With them in action, Sheppard and Beckett Clone are almost incidental to te hybrid culling.

What is bad? The hybrids, mostly. Why would Michael create a blind army? Because he wanted bats at his command? The critters are visually stunning and it is creepy how they hunt by smell and motion, but those capabilities really make no sense when scrutinized.

There is not too much to “Whispers.” The usual cast is reduced to secondary players if they appear at all. The horror homage has been done better in the past. The hybrids are cool looking, but that is about it. The ending is nothing but killing them all in a hail of bullets. I would not skip “Whispers,” but I would not give it a whole lot of thought, either. It is hot chicks fighting pseudo-zombie stand ins.
Rating: ** (out of 5)

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