Friday, February 22, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"Vegas"

I have said numerous times before I am a sucker for alternate reality stories.  I do demand they have some implications, however--witness my distaste for the DS9 Mirror Universe stories or some otherwise interesting hook.  “Vegas” is an homage to the CSI television franchise.  While I am not a fan, it appears the powers tat be got the look and feel down pat.

In this reality, Sheppard is a loser Las Vegas detective investigating nine murders that the viewer immediately recognizes as Wraith feedings.   There is a wraith on the loose.  He is playing poker in order to win enough money to buy parts for a long range transmitter he is building in a trailer out in the middle of the desert.  Sheppar is recruited by Rodney, who has left this reality’s Atlantis for Area 51 after a wraith ship crashed on earth, to hunt the poker playing Wraith down.

If that all sounds weird, believe me, it is.  “Vegas” is a serious case of a series having been cancelled, so the writers are fulfilling fantasies onscreen.   Most of our regulars are playing different roles.  Woolsey is an FBI agent, for instance.  Keller is the las Vegas coroner.  The episode is odd, but something I felt compelled to pay attention to, anyway.

I bet if I were a big CSI fan, I would like “Vegas” more.  Instead, I like it for the curiosity of it all.  It is very different, yet not so out of whack as to not be as entertaining as the series normally is.  The loud soundtrack is obnoxious.  I assume that is a CSI thing.  Learn a little about mood setting with music from Miami Vice, folks.  I do think the Wraith rocking out to Marilyn Manson is funny considering fan complaints the early wraith make up resembled Manson’s.

Tomorrow--the final episode.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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