Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"Brain Trust"

Jewel Staite wears that outfit through 98% of “Brain Trust.”  The episode also features Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye the Science Guy taking jabs at Rodney’s arrogance.  You would think with that combination, we would have a winner here.  We do not.  What is the problem?  A dumb plot and a preachy global warming lecture.

Rodney invites Keller to join him at an unveiling ceremony of the latest project by one of his rivals, Malcolm Tunney.  Tunney is played splendidly by Kids in the Hall and NewsRadio alum Dave Foley.  He is about the only highlight.  Rodney is ready to head for the hills after being needled mercilessly by Tyson and Nye, but not only stays, but becomes incensed when he realizes Tunney has stolen some of his work.

Tunnry has created some space/time techno babble device inadvertently based on one of Rodney’s Pegasus projects.  It is designed to cool the Earth down on a massive level.  Tunney demonstrates it on the building in which the scientists are currently gathered,.  In so doing, he ignores Rodney’s warnings space/time cannot be controlled.  Long story short--everyone is trapped and going to freeze to death.

It looks like it is up to Rodney to save the day, but he runs off to rescue Keller from a flooding room.  They share their first smooch ater she declares him her personal hero.  The day is actually saved by Tunney and Nye--yes, the Science Guy--by turning the darn thing off.  Well, there you go.

Staite is hot, Foley, Tyson, and Nye are funny, but “Brain Trust” just does not fly.  I am not big on global warming alarmism, nor can I get into meaningless techno babble solutions to problems.  I suppose if one is a big David Hewlett fan, seeing him in a pair of tux smooching Jewel Staite might be a thrill, but it is not enough to save “Brain Trust” from its too many dumb ideas.

Rating: ** (out of 5)   

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