Monday, February 4, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"The Seed"

“The Seed” is a strange critter. Not only does it feature a strange plot involving a Hive ship growing out of a main character, but the central characters of the piece have very little to do, which makes one wonder who the focal point was intended to be. Whatever the case, “The Seed” is a rather generic adventure with Sheppard predictably saving the day yet again with reckless behavior.

Woolsey takes command as Keller randomly comes up with a cure for Beckett Clone’s cellular degradation just before she succumbs to a virus which causes a Hive ship to grow out her body. Sai virus has been dormant since her last off world trip. Beckett clone happens to know about the virus and creates a cure. Sheppard throws caution to the wind and rushes past a jungle of CGI vines to administer it. Woolsey is upset he let the whole affair be resolved in an unorthodox manner.

So who is the main character? Beats me. Woolsey stands around with a furrowed brow while doing nothing but reacting. Keller lays in bed cocooned. Beckett Clone miraculously comes up with a cure without much drama. Naturally, Sheppard saves the day in spite of his minimal involvement up until that point. We have three character pieces thrown into one with little time to develop any. Woolsey is the shaky new leader, Keller is still a virtual unknown, and Beckett clone returns unceremoniously. There are three possible episodes there, but they all get crammed into one with no time to flesh things out. Add in a pat ending while we are at it. Very disappointing.

Rating: ** (out of 5)

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