Monday, February 11, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"The Queen"

The Queen! The Queen! God save that old broad.

The entertainment value of that joke still has not worn off for me. With only twelve episodes of Stargate Atlantis left, the odds I will have another opportunity to run it into the ground are slim, so take heart, weary readers.

If you have even a marginally better eye than I do, you will notice the queen above is actually Rachel Luttrell. The plot of ‘The Queen” is Teyla must pose as a rival Queen in order to convince the big matriarch to accept the genetic alterations Michael used to eliminate the need to feed on humans. Unfortunately, Todd uses the opportunity to murder the matriarh, make Teyla the Queen, and put himself in chare of a lare faction of Wraith. Such is the status at the end of the episoe.

A couple points about “The Queen” are incredibly hard to swallow. One, the way things played out, you would have to be an idiot to not think Todd was planning a double cross. Good Lord, he flat out acknowledged he would miss te taste of humans to go through with the genetic alterations himself. All he wants is power! Two, and more importantly, Keller can surgically turn Teyla into a Wraith merely by following Tod’s instruction. Yeah, I do not buy that at all. Where does Todd get that kind of medical skill/ The writers really do not give a crap about the final season.

“The Queen” has some virtues. There is a lot of special effects eye candy on display. One suspects, as is seemingly the case with recently poorly written episodes, the special effects are there to compensate for poor storytelling. Luttrell looks like she is having a ball playing the vile villain. The palace intrigue is pretty cool, too. It is subtle, but I swear the former queen’s right hand man hints he is a eunuch by his mannerisms. But none of this stuff elevates the episode beyond mildly entertaining.

Rating: ** (out of 5)

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