Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"The Lost Tribe"

The virtue of watching a series or the first time years after it has been cancelled appear yet again.  I had no idea a surviving faction of Asgard were going to show up on Stargate Atlantis.   Raise a glass in salute to those long lost, pre-internet days when every revelation was not spoiled months in advance.  Days like those will never come around again.

I have much hih praise for “The Lost Tribe” beyond the surprise appearance of the Asgard in spite of some minor issues.  The cliffhanger resolution--Sheppard an Zelenka survive the tower explosion by moving away ten feet--is a cop out solution.  The Asard disappear 2/3rds of the way in because the CGI to animate Vanir is too expensive on a basic cable budget.   The Travelers also return, but Jill Wagner is not among them because she was serving as the eye candy for the brainless game show Wipeout at the time.  Bummer.  But these are only minor gripes in an otherwise excellent episode.  Particularly the bit about Wagner, as she is replaced by the equally hot Daniella Alonso.

“The Lost Tribe” is a fun, epic adventure that strikes the right balance between its two concurrent plots.  One, Ronon and Keller play Die Hard in sabotaging Daedalus to thwart Todd’s plan to attack Atlantis .  Two, Rodney and daniel have to stop the Asgard from using the device to destroy the Wraith because it causes every active stargate to explode.  That is quite a negative consequence.  The two stories come together when Sheppard recruit’s the Travelers to help save everyone.

Of particular note for those not primarily thinking with their gonads is the rationale of the Asgard for their actions.  They face the same problem as their Milky way brethren, namely they can only reproduce by cloning.   They need humans to experiment on, so those pesky wraith need to stop culling the fresh supply.  The survival of the Asgard justifies their actions according to spokesman Vanir.  Thor and company would not dream of destroying the stargate system and killing millions in the process just to save themselves.  However, Thor and his people are al dead.  Vanir and his are still alive.   As Vanir tells Daniel, it is difficult to argue with the results.       

But none of you care about a philosophical discussion on the ens justifies the means morality of Vanir’s effort to preserve the Asgard.  You all only want to see Daniella Alonso in a bikini.  Fine.  I can accommodate:
While we are on the subject of love/lust, Keller confesses to Ronon she is interested in someone else.  Presumably Rodney, but I am not taking that for granted.  Whatever the case, the competition between Ronon and Rodney for her affection was short lived.

I have said about all I can say about “The Lost Tribe.”  It is a great episode.  One that makes you wonder why the series was cancelled so unceremoniously.

Rating: **** (out of 5)

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