Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"First Contact"

“First Contact” is the midseason finale for the fifth and final season of Stargate Atlantis. As such, it features a lot of set up designed to convince us to come back for the remaining ten episodes. That is right. Only ten left. The nearly our month hiatus in reviews makes it feel like there should be many more episode in the bag since I bean these reviews such a long time ago.

A midseason finale needs something special, and what we get in “First Contact” is Michael Shanks reprising his role as Daniel Jackson. He has come to Atlantis to search for a hidden Ancient lab, which he and Rodney find. Some device in the lab alerts mysterious, armored aliens to attack Atlantis, take the device, and kidnap Rodney and Daniel. The aliens force Rodney to activate the evice. It causes Wraith hyper drive to explode, but the consequences of using it are so dire, the Ancients abandoned the project.

Meanwhile, Daedalus meets up with Todd’s Hive ship in order to work on the genetic alterations that will allow Wraith to stop feeding on humans. When Rodney activates the device, Todd thinks he has been betrayed and hijacks Daedalus. Ronon and Keller are the only ones free to stop him.

The big cliffhanger involves Sheppard’s team, who are preparing to head of for Daedalus, aborting the trip through the stargate as it overloads and explodes, taking much of the tower with it. Too be continued…

The alien invasion of Atlantis is one of the coolest action sequences of the series. “First Contact” is worth watching just to see it. The banter between Daniel and Rodney is fun, too. Why have they not sparred before? The big question is whether the cliffhanger compel the viewer to come back for the conclusion. In my case, yes, they do. Ergo, “First Contact” is a success.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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