Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stargate Atlantis--"Enemy at the Gate"

“Enemy at the Gate” is the final episode of Stargate Atlantis.   We finally arrive at it months later than originally planned.  Darn that burst diverticula, no?   There is a general feeling I have been doing little more than phoning these in for three weeks now, so why do we not hurry up and get it over with, all right?

Todd, who has cured himself with an Iratus bug, contacts Atlantis with the news a rival Wraith has swiped a ZPM from him, modified a Hive ship, and has learned the location of Earth from the signal sent from the alternate Las Vegas.  Our heroes have no choice but to trust him.  The ZPM Hive makes short work of Daedalus and Apollo on its way to Earth.  Sheppard is called back to Earth as part of its efense as Atlantis uses another of Todd’s ZPM to pursue.

Sam and Maj. “Disaster” Davis gather in Earth’s deense.  Lorne joins AR-1 in sneaking aboar the Hive ship when it drops out of hyperspace halfway to Earth for…refueling?  I do not know.  They make up an excuse because the Hive cannot engage in a cullin or dramatic reasons.  Firefights ensue.  Ronon dies only to be revived by a Wraith for interrogation.  X302 fighters engage in a special effects laden dog fight.  Atlantis arrives in the nick of time to destroy the Hive ship before crashing into san Francisco Bay.

That, folks, is the end.  A straight to DVD film was supposed to wrap up the Wraith culling Pegasus storyline, but that is not going to happen at this point.  Use your imagination.   

As a digression, you really have to wonder about Todd.    A few episodes back, he jumped to the wrong conclusion about being betrayed and stole Daedalus.  he gets his entire crew killed working with Michael’s genetic modifications.  Then he hands over a ZPM  to another Wraith in order to modify a Hive ship.  The other Wraith promptly screws him over and steals the  uber-Hive ship.  In seeking revenge, Todd winds up stranded on Earth where he is going to starve to death as a prisoner because no one is going to give him a human to consume.  Todd is pretty much an idiot, is he not? 

It is funny how the episode features virtually every major character in at least one scene to the extent it is almost funny how much credibility is stretched to justify the cameo.  Keep this in mind when realizing we do not catch even a limpse of the Wraith attacking earth until the final act and then he is on screen for less than a minute beore being killed by AR -1.  Kind of bad form, that.

Nevertheless, “Enemy at the Gate” is a worthy conclusion to the series.  I would call it a much better send off than SG-1 received from its final episode.  The story is sufficiently large and, unlike most of the season, not lost in an ocean of overwhelming special effects.  Some of the character appearances are forced, but that is a minor complaint. The biggest flaw?  Ronon should have died.  His sacrifice would have given the episode some emotional punch.

As far as series conclusions go, “Enemy at the Gate” is satisfying.  This show should have been treated better than only being allowed five seasons.

Rating: **** (out of 5)

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