Saturday, December 29, 2012

Red Dwarf--"The Beginning"

“The Beginning” ends the rather uneven tenth series of Red Dwarf on a high note. The plot revisit’s the old standard of Rimmer never being able to please his overbearing father no matter what he does with the twist of finally letting him come out on top for once.

A strange cyborg arrives on Red Dwarf seeking revenge on Lister for the death of his brother. The cyborg agrees to a cook off instead of murder with the prize being a map he stole from Simulants. Right on cue, the Simulants attack, forcing the crew to retreat and Rimmer to face past humiliation inflicted on him by his father in orer to save the Dwarfers.

There are many good scenes in “The Beginning:” the cyborg plugging a hull breach with his butt, the Dwarfers arguing over who will have the best death, and Cat playing with string while psychoanalyzing Rimmer among them. The climactic action sequence with all its CGI is incredibly well done. Cat finally has something important to do as he serves as the kick in the pants Rimmer nees to get himself together. The result is a welcome change for Rimmer.

As I sai above, the uneven series ten on a high note. I am uncertain there will be a series eleven, but I would like to see more Red Dwarf, particularly if Rimmer’s newfound confidence remains. We shall see.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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