Friday, October 12, 2012

Stargate Atlantis--"Travelers"

“Travelers” is a Sheppard-centric episode which puts special emphasis on the swashbuckling, James T. Kirk aspects of the character. The episode serves as little more than an opportunity for Sheppard to spar with guest star Jill Wagner as Larrin The action and sexual tension between the two is reminiscent of the early Daniel/Vala encounters.

Sheppard is kidnapped by a race of nomadic, technologically advanced humans called Travelers. The want to use his Ancient gene in order to repair a captured Aurora class ship that will help alleviate the overpopulation problem on their generational ships. Sheppard and the Traveler leader, Larrin, go back and forth with who has the upper han until the Wraith attack the ship, forcing the two to team up in order to defeat the Wraith boarding party. In the end, larrin escapes with the Aurora ship, but creates a loose alliance with the Atlantis crew to battle the Wraith in the future.

If that sounds like a wafer thin recap, that is because “Travelers” has a wafer thin plot. The main purpose of the episode is to show off the chemistry between Sheppard and larrin. Fortunately, that happens to be highly amusing. Joe Flanagan and Jill Wagner are having a good time playing off one another. There really is a great deal of the old Daniel/Vala dynamic there. In fact, the powers that be are maybe trying a little too hard to turn Larrin into a Vala-clone. Whether you think that is too unoriginal, you should have little time to dwell on the issue considering your primary thoughts are on how hot Jill Wagner is:
Wagner is currently the eye candy announcer for the game show Wipeout.

“Travelers” is fun viewing and Larrin is smoking hot in her tight, leather outfit. Flanagan and Wagner play off each other well. If you like Daniel and vala, you will dig Sheppard and larrin. It is also cool to see the wraith back in action, though one wonders how they could identify the secret Morse code SOS Sheppard sent out when it is especially emphasized the aliens Teyla and Ronon could not. Only Rodney identified it. Oh, well. “Travelers” is for mindless entertainment, not nitpicking.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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