Monday, October 15, 2012

Stargate Atlantis--"The Seer"

“The Seer” is an o creation. There appears to be two or three plots rolling at the same time, all of which coul have made for their own episode, but none do anything but fizzle out. The episode serves only to foreshadow future storylines. Turning a script into a stew to dump all the ingredient you cannot use anywhere else is not the wisest way to draft an episode.

Teyla requests AR-1 visit a planet lead by a man named Davos who can allegedly see the future. She wants to ask him what happened to the missing Athosians. Davos has foreseen their arrival and requests medical help from them for his lingering illness. As a sign of his power, he shows skeptical Rodney a vision of AR-1 being captured by the Wraith.

They return to Atlantis with avos to find Woolsey running a routine inspection and word Todd the Wraith wants a meeting with Sheppard. Their meeting turns out to be a fruition of Davos’ vision, but since Davos did not see the outcome the vision did not reflect the actual result--Todd is taken prisoner. He reveals the Replicators have shifted tactics and are now wiping out worlds in habited by humans to destroy the Wraith’s food supply. He has the Replicator virus. He wants Rodney to re-write it before all humans are killed off.

Meanwhile, Davos is dying of cancer. Before he dies, he offers two visions--one of Atlantis being destroyed by Replicators an another of a Wraith hive ship attacking. Both cannot be right, which sets up a conflict between Sam and Woolsey when another Wraith hive ship is on it way to investigate why a hive ship loyal to Todd is in orbit around a supposedly uninhabited planet. Davos, by the way, is a genetic anomaly and possibly the future of human evolution.

Todd is not on the up and up. He has been holding back part of the virus as a bargaining chip. He only wants the virus to regain his old status among his people, anyway. Sam trusts the prophecy of Atlantis being destroyed by Replicators is true, so leaves the city cloaked rather than shielded. Woolsey, fearing the worst, relieves her o command, but no one follows his orders to attack the Wraith hive ships. They destroy each other, thereby leaving Woolsey with egg on his face. No one is quite sure when the vision of atlantis being destroyed will come true. Oh, and Teyla is pregnant.

Davos is played by prolific British actor Martin Jarvis. Jarvis appeared several times in the original run of Doctor Who, therefore the Davos/Davros similarity in name amuses me. Probably only because geeks like to latch onto such dubious connections and squeeze the life out of them in orer to solidify our nerd credentials.

So what is ‘The Seer’ al; about/ Davos’ gift of prophecy? A Human/Wraith alliance to prevent genocide? Maybe Woolsey’s threats to Sam’s command authority? Or is the episode just an excuse to foreshadow future events? All of the above and none of the above appear to be the best answer. The various running plot elements do not compliment each other very well. It is literally like the writers took an act from three or four diferent scripts, dropped them in a hat, and then drew them out at random until they had a new script. Some sense is made out of it, but not much. The virtue is much every running plot thread would have made a decent episodes in it. The question is why did that not happen instead of what we got? Personally, I would prefer Todd’s story arc to have been more fleshed out while dropping Davos’ prophecies altogether. The weakest element is what the episode is named after. Hoe is that for a kick in the butt?

Rating: *** (out o 5)

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