Friday, October 19, 2012

Stargate Atlantis--"Spoils of War"

“Spoils of War” is considered the final part of the Replicator War trilogy, but feels more like an epilogue. The story deals with Tod the Wraith stealing a ZPM during the battle of Asura only to have it stolen from him by another wraith faction to power a cloning facility. This is just an excuse to put Teyla in danger so she can realize the safety of her unborn child comes before her desire to fight the wraith, which is the real heart of the story.

While captured, Todd activates a signaling device in the hopes of attracting the attention of his kinda sorta allies on Atlantis for a possible rescue. Sheppard decides to check the signal out, but he benches Teyla because of her pregnancy. She take it personally because of her desire to continue fighting and she believes Sheppard is just mad he kept her condition from him. Nevertheless, when the AR-1 team discovers Todd’s signal is coming from an adrift Wraith Hive ship, Sheppard returns to Atlantis to request her assistance in getting it moving again. She agrees, but with a passive aggressive contempt.

One thing leas to another, and AR-1 discovers Todd is being held captive in a Wraith cloning facility where thousands of new soldiers are being grown. The rescue attempt fails, and the AR-1 team is captured. Teyla uses the extra strength her unborn child grants her to take over the Wraith queen’s body and free her friends. They manage to recover the ZPM, destroy, the facility, and knock out a Wraith Hive ship during the escape. The Wraith Queen, however, reasserts herself enough to threaten Teyla’s child before Sheppard kills her. In the end, Teyla realizes Sheppard was right to take her off the team. Lesson learned.

What is it about Stargate aliens an cloning? The Asgard, Anubis, the Replicators, Ba’al and now Wraith have all been interested in genetically engineered copies even though the pursuit ultimately never helps them achieve their goals. You woul think one of them would develop a plan B by now.

“Spoils of War” is a good episode. I imagine it will be difficult to put the in real life pregnant Rachel Lutterll in a whole lot of situations now that do not seem forced, so it is cool to see in a plausible tory why teyla will not be in action for a while. There are accouple puzzling matters, such as why the Wraith would leave one of their sips adrift with all it valuable intel there for the taking or how it was just dumb luck Rodney discovered the cloning facility, but those are minor quibbles. ’spoils of War” is a decent, mostly action oriented episode that still has some nice personal moments.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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