Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stargate Atlantis--"The Kindred, Part I"

I am going to have to recant some criticism because of “The Kindred, Part I.” I have complained about SGA’s habit of dropping storylines cold. A specific one I mentioned was the Hoffi immunity drug that poisons wraith upon feeding while sparing at least half the humans who take it. We have not heard anything about the drug since the first season until now. Aside from that pleasant surprise, ’The Kindred, Part I” is a lot of set up for the conclusion.

Keller is in the middle of an investigation of a seemingly random illness that is killing off humans and the Wraith that feed on them. Teyla begins having visions of her missing people calling for her help. The two storylines collide when it is revealed Michael is behind the use of the Hoffi rug to kill off the Wraith and calling Teyla towards a location in which he can kidnap her. He has sinister plans for her unborn child involving the elimination of the Wraith need to feed.

The cliffhanger is the discovery of the Beckett clone during an attempt to rescue Teyla. Michael has been using the Beckett clone in order to perfect the hoffi drug. Presumably, the Beckett clone helped with the genetic changes needed to end the need to feed on humans. I guess we will find out for certain later. It is a nifty cliffhanger, mostly because I am spoiler-free. I imagine Paul McGillion’s return had to be all over the internet and those incessant SyFy promos they run eight times an hour every hour.

“The Kindred, Part I” is a lot of set up for the conclusion. As such, it is difficult to judge without knowing the whole picture. The pacing I extremely slow. There is not much going on until the final act when AR-1 attempts to rescue Teyla from Michael’s clutches and finds the Beckett clone instead. Call me old fashioned, but forcing the very pregnant Rachel Lutterll to engage in a lot of strenuous activity kind of bugs me. The episode was filmed earlier in the season to avoid her being too far along, but still. Maybe I am a worry wart. It feels like part I’s purpose is little more than bring everyone together. The Athosiasns, Todd the Wraith, Michael, Caldwell, and the Beckett clone all put in appearances, but little else. The cameos build up anticipation for what it too come, but are not very satisfying in and of themselves.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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