Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stargate Atlantis--"Miller's Crossing"

“Miller’s Crossing” features the return of David Hewlett’s real sister Kate as Rodney’s sister, Jeannie. The episode has no similarities whatsoever to the 1990 coen brothers film other than the name an they are both set on Earth. I am quite fond of “Miller’s Crossing,’ or at least more so than the previous McKay sibling team up in “McKay and Mrs. Miller.”

The scientists on Atlantis are stuck on an issue regarding the Replicator virus, and Zelenka nags Rodney about contacting his sister to the point the finally acquiesces. Jeannie’s e-mail account has been monitored for months by Henry Wallace, a brilliant tech company CEO who has contracts to work with alien technology taken by Stargate Command and a young daughter dying from leukemia. Because of his SGC connections, he has known about the Replicator nanites and used them on his daughter. They have not functioned properly, but with Rodney’s e-mail to his sister, Wallace can kidnap her in order to blackmail Rodney into helping him.

Rodney returns to Earth with Sheppard and Ronon, but conveniently splits up to follow a lead with NID agent Barrett in order to follow a lead and winds up Wallace’s prisoner. Jeannie, who is te mother to a little girl, wants to help Wallace’s daughter in spite of the circumstances, but Rodney convinces her to join in an escape attempt. They are recaptured. To ensure the two work on repairing his daughter’s nanites, Jeannie is injected with the little buggers, too.

Matters take a turn for the worse when Wallace’s daughter dies when the nanites run out of power repairing a heart efect. Jeannie is epileptic, so there is a fear of the same happening when the nanites take on the task of curing her of the disease. The two are rescued and Wallace arrested, but Rodney is at a loss how to help Jeannie in time.

Jeannie’s legs are purposefully broken in or to give the nanites something less serious to work on besides her epilepsy. Er legs are broken under anesthetic, of course, but what a gruesome thought regardless.

Rodney requests tod the Wraith’s help. He does not care about any of roney’s pleading on behalf of his sister, but he does agree to help in the name of eventually stopping the Replicators. Todd needs to feed, however, and Rodney offers up himself. Sheppard says he is too valuable, then proceeds to guilt Wallace into sacrificing himself instead just before Rodney makes to have Rodney feed off him anyway. Todd repairs the nanites and Jeannie is saved. For whatever reason, SGC buys Sheppard’s story Wallace’s death was an accident when Todd suddenly got the upper and.

The DVD features an amusing delete scene. Someone graciously posted it to YouTube:I enjoy the foresight of Sheppard knocking on Battlestar Galactica being more boring than their lives--Stargate Atlantis--consider SGA would be cancelled a couple years later in favor of Battlestar Galactica clone Stargate Universe, which ultimately flopped. The casual Doritos product placement has its humorous element, too.

I do not usually mention deleted scenes in these reviews, but there is another in which Rodney is packing for earth when Sheppard and Ronon join him. Rodney is not interested in their help, but they insist on helping their friend. The scene would help explain why Rodney went off to follow a clue without them and wound up captured by Wallace. Therefore the scene’s deletion is a big loss, both in story an in showing the friendship bonds Rodney has formed in spite of himself.

“Miller’s Crossing’ may be further proof the Stargate franchise has gone on so long it must recycle itself. There has already been an Earthbound story in which a character has been kidnapped by a tech company CEO in order to use aliens to cure a disease in SG-1. “Miller’s Crossing” is still different enough and good enough to not fret over it. Jeannie is a great character because the real sibling bound between Kate and David shines through. The episode has its funny and disturbing moments in the proper mix, which is not always easy to do. I like it.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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