Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stargate Atlantis--"Irresistible"

One of the aspects I like most about SGA is how the show does not take itself too seriously. There is usually a good mix of comedy and drama. “:etters from Pegasus” springs to mind immediately as a prime example. I am less enthralled when the series heads into sitcom territory, such as with the gender bending shtick of “Duet.’ “Irresistible” goes even further into sitcom territory with pretty much the same “meh” reaction from me as with “Duet.”

The AR-1 team investigates a backwater settlement on an unexplored planet that is run by an incredibly obnoxious man named Lucius Lavin. In spite of his unpleasant demeanor, the people are completely evoted to him. When he meets the AR-1 team, he tries to work his charms on them in exchange for a Puddle Jumper. That fails, but when Beckett comes to the settlement later to check out Lavin’s claims of miracle cures, he does fall under Lavin’s spell and, against security protocol, takes him back to Atlantis.

It is revealed Lavin found some herbs in his past travels that affect the part of the brain which generates positive emotions. Anyone who comes in contact with Lavin after he has drank some immediately become obsessed and willing to do anything for him. Everyone on Atlantis falls under his spell except for Sheppard, who is suffering from a cold that makes him immune to the effects. Everyone else caters to Lavin’s every need, including raiding a Wraith outpost for more of the herb.

Sheppard eventually kidnaps Beckett and takes him to the mainland to detox. When Beckett is back in his right mind, he and Sheppard concoct a plan to inject Lavin with an antidote to his potion under the guise of Ancient gene therapy. It works, so the two sends Lain back home--after they have inoculated everyone on the settlement.

I do find the fawning behavior of the affected characters generally amusing, if a little hammy. Some pull it off better than others. Torri Higginson looks like she is in pain much of the time. David Hewlett and paul McGillon are naturals, however. Lavin grated on me constantly. He is too much of a loud Eddie Haskell type. I know that is what he is supposed to be, but the character is not my cup of tea. “Irresistible” is not much of an episode if you are not interested in experiencing the characters acting like thirteen year old girls backstage at a Justin Bieber concert. I cannot say I have ever aspired. There are some laughs here and there, but otherwise, I can resist ’Irresistible.”

Rating: ** (out of 5)

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