Monday, September 17, 2012

Stargate Atlantis--"Allies"

"Allies” serves as the second season finale. It is a direct continuation of ”Michael, as I guessed it would, although Connor Trinnear does not play his Wraith self. He does provide the voice, however, and it is kind o cool to hear a Wraith speak in a folksy Missouri accent. It turns out not suspecting the incoming Hive ship was Michael’s is not the only gullibility from which our heroes suffer.

Atlantis braces for the pending Hive ship attack by sending out the Daedalus and the Ancient ship Orion to take up defensive positions. Instead of attacking, the Hive ship contacts Atlantis and promises to keep the existence of the city a secret in exchange for an alliance. Te Wraith reveal that too many of them have awakened at one time. There are not enough humans for them to feed on, so factions are aligning to destroy the weakest Wraith. Michael’s hive wants the retrovirus to turn it enemies into humans to fed on them.

Our heroes jump at the chance, due in no small part to part of the deal being they get shematics of Hive ships in order to detrrmine the best way to deliver the retrovirus. They work nervously alongside the Wraith through a failed attempt to deliver the retrovirus until the end when they discover the Wraith have double-crossed them. The data the Wraith sent Atlantis had a worm that took information about the location of Earth and then erased all the hive ship data. To add insult to injury, Rodney and Ronon have been captured and Sheppard also missing. To be continued…

I do not even open an e-mail from someone I do not know for fear of a virus. Why would our heroes not expect something dangerous from downloading data from the Wraith? Especially when it is of the too good to be true variety? There is no way the Wraith would give away all their secrets like that. Something was obviously up, but no one bothered to use even the slightest bit of caution. The lack of care is even doubly odd since their Wraith “allies’ continue to demonstrate their belief humans are nothing but foodstuff. Geez, one of them even kills the retrovirus test subject while he is human just to see if the retrovirus ruins the flavor. It does not, by that way.

The cliffhanger is the best part of “Allies.” it leaves the hint we may see earth in depicted peril. I know that does not happen, but the anticipation is still there. As is the mystery of how Ronon and Rodney are going to escape the Hive. One assumes Sheppard managed to tag along when the Hive jumped into hyperspace. The cliffhanger is a redeeming factor for “Allies.” it is the only part of the episode that feels big. Most every major character, including Hermiod, makes an appearance, but there are a couple intense space battles, but the story relies mostly on the novelty of Wraith roaming Atlantis as tenuous allies rather than anything more exciting. The lack of caution our heroes demonstrate borders on a level of incompetence not seen since Janeway and her hapless bunch stumbled their way through the Delta Quadrant. Perhaps the next two parts of the trilogy will elevate the story.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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