Friday, September 7, 2012

Stargate Atlantis--"The Lost Boys"

“The Lost Boys” serves as the midseason finale for the second season. It also revisit’s the story of ford, who has now been relegated to a recurring character. As a midseason finale, the episode’s job is to lead up to an exciting cliffhanger to compel viewers to come back for more. “The Lost Boys” succeeds in thar regard. In fact, the final few minutes are the redeeming feature of the episode.

The AR-1 one team is lured to a remote planet that looks much like the forests outside Vancouver by false intelligence only to be captured by a group of rag tag young mercenaries. When they awaken later from having been stunned, they are set up at a dinner table by Ford. Their former comrade brings them up to speed on how he survived being captured by the Wraith. Not only his he still jacked up on the enzyme, but he has amassed a growing army who are also hooked on the enzyme. He has laced everyone’s food but Sheppard’s in order to prove the enzyme can be beneficial.

Ford and his army have been ambushing Wraith in order to steal more enzyme, but he now has bigger ambitions. He plans to steal C4 from the Genii and use a captured Wraith Dart to sneak aboard a Hive ship and destroy it before its next culling. Ford wants AR-1 along for the ride, particularly Sheppard, whom he wants to fly the Dart. Sheppard orders the team to go along with the absurdly dangerous plan until they can find a means of escape.

The enzyme makes everyone who takes it irrational and aggressive. Ronon and Teyla have been forced to take more beyond what they ingested with the food. Soon they begin feeling the effects. Sheppard does not have time to worry whether their strange behavior will jeopardize the escape plan as ford decides to keep Rodney hostage in order to ensure Sheppard goes along with the sabotage mission on the hive ship.

With no choice now, Sheppard follows through, but the plan goes as badly as expected. The team is captured after a short battle. Sheppard is brought before the hive Queen under threat of having his life force drained.

I have only a mild interest in Ford’s story arc. He is not a favorite character, so “The Lost Boys” is not necessarily my cup of tea. There is not a whole lot to hold a viewer’s attention beyond Sheppard’s desperate attempt to reconnect with the old Ford untol the final act when the action starts. There is a lot of nifty eye candy with the CGI and regular sets depicting the interior of the Hive ship. That stuff is impressive, and the cliffhanger does the trick even though there is no way Sheppard has met his end.

There could have been a lot more to “The Lost Boys.” Someone more emotionally connected with Ford may be more satisfied with the personal drama. For me, some foreshadowing about divisions within the Wraith over the food shortage and the action scenes of the final act are the highlights. Weir is back at Atlantis in full worrying about Sheppard shipper mode, so there is that for those hooked on such a thing. “The Lost Boys” does well enough as a first part. One hopes the conclusion surpasses it.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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