Friday, July 27, 2012

Stargate SG-1--"Bounty"

“Bounty“ is Stargate SG-1 meets Gross Pointe Blank. I was expecting the episode to be such a silly, heavy-handed parody that I was not going to like it. It turns out to be a lot of fun. Goofy, yes, but we are nearing the end of the series. Everyone is bound to be a little loopy.

After the SG-1 team destroys a shipment of the highly addictive kassa kernels, Netan puts a bounty on their heads. Every bounty hunter worth his salt pursues the team as they go their separate ways for downtime. Daniel is hit on in a library by a female bounty hunter who is fatally struck by a bus before she can haul him in. Teal’c survives an attempt on his life while on Chulak and defeats his would be assassin. Sam kills a sniper who attempts to kill her at an expo at which she is demonstrating Chimera, the holographic technology used to project thor in “Covenant.’ It is dumb luck the sniper happened to aim for her holographic projection.

The bulk of the story centers on cam returning to Kansas for his twentieth high school reunion with Vala in tow as a favor to her. Bounty hunters converge on the reunion and cause mayhem until the rest of the SG-1 team shows up. They ’surrender,” but turn out to be holograms. When they capture the bounty hunter, they plant the seed in his head that Netan now looks pitifully weak since he has failed again. He is going to big a big prize to bag now. The episode ends with Netan being shot, so we have a plausible end to the Lucian Alliance threat as well, though they can continue on plausibly, too. This wrapping up loose ends is not a definite business, no?

“Bounty” is a light hearted episode best taken not too seriously. You are mostly supposed to enjoy Claudia Black in a midriff, Daisy Dukes, and a risqué formal dress. I do, by the way. The episode is like cotton candy. Enjoyable, but not much to it. Did I mention Black in a midriff, Daist Dukes, and a risqué formal dress? Because that is important.

I know these two points are picking nits, but that is what I do best. Cam is an Air force brat, so he has moved around a lot with his father’s job. I am going to assume the series is not implying he grew up in Kansas with that thick Southern accent. But why did they not set the episode in Tennessee where Ben Browder is from? It would not have made a big difference story wise, but the question of how an obviously Southern boy is from Kansas could have been avoided. The second point is the absence of popular music from 1987. I think rock and roll died about 1989, so I long for the music of the era. Color me disappointed the powers that be did not fork over the cash for Billy Vera’s “At This Moment” or Whitney Houston’s “Didn’t we Almost Have It All” instead of an 80’s twinged simple melody of the Stargate SG-1 theme. For the last dance of the evening. Oh, well. It is not a huge deal. Neither is “Bounty,” but it is fun enough to overcome its flaws.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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