Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stargate SG-1--"The Pegasus Project"

“The Pegasus Project” is the only Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis crossover episode in the series. I am familiar enough with the latter series to know who the crossover characters are. I also get a few of the episode references, so I am not completely lost here. The episode would likely be a more geektastic experience if I was currently following SGA, but even as it is, the story is a fun ride one does not have to be a fan to enjoy.

Just to throw this note out there--it will be repeated again when the SGA reviews begin--I have generally referred to characters by his her or first name unless it feels unnatural. I cannot call General Hammond George, for instance. Stargate Atlantis feels like it is going to be even more inconsistent. Sheppard feels more natural than john, but Rodney sound better than McKay. There will be other cases. Surely you will get used to it. Unless something really does not feel right to a dedicated fan….

The SG-1 team travels to Atlantis in order to search for the Sangraal. While daniel and Vala access the computer database for information on the Ancients, the rest of the team hooks up with Rodney to execute a plan keeping the super gate open permantly by use of a stargate and a black hole. The idea is to keep ori reinforcements from dialing into the Milky Way. Daniel discovers the hologram with which he has been interacting is the real, ascended Morgan Le Fay he argues with her the Ancients must intervene because once every living thing has been subjugated by the ori, they will come for the ancients next. He convinces her, but her cohorts snatch her away before she can tell him anything valuable. Meanwhile, the plan with the black hole and stargate not only works, but manages to destroy both an Ori and Wraith ship. Booyah!

Both plot and execution are straightforward. The entertainment value of “The Pegasus Project” is in the personal moments for which fans have been clamoring. Daniel’s big grin at finally arriving on Atlantis. The weird infatuation Rodney has with Sam. Rodney’s arrogant, abrasive attitude causing problems with Cam. Our heroes defeating a wraith ship. I imagine there are other subtle ones I would recognize if I was more familiar with SGA. Has it been previously known Sheppard carries a lemon in his pocket with which to threaten the allergic Rodney? If so, that makes it even funnier when cam whips out the lemon Sheppard gave him before they left on the Odyssey?

I do not have any serious complaints about “The Pegasus Project.” it would have been interesting to see Teal’c and Rooan interact, but perhaps that would call attention to too many similarities between the characters. It is odd, too, that the final scene of the previous episode made a big deal out of noting that while Vala had become a member of the SGC, she was not a member of the SG-1 team and cam was not thrilled she was around period. Yet here she is, not only with the SG-1 team on a six week mission, but eating breakfast with and happily up Cam. I prefer that to happen, mind you, but it is weird how apparently quickly the situation changed. I want to see a Wraith, too. I have seen them on SGA before, but it would have been cool to see more than just their ship here.

“The Pegasus Project” is entertaining even for one not immersed in SGA mythology. It also furthers the ori story by blocking the super gate and taking the Ancients out of the picture as a potential cavalry. So the episode is not a complete diversion for the main arc just to have a bunch of references to a sister show. You can easily argue ’The Pegasus Project’ is a 45 commercial for SGA with running into much rebuttal, but there is nothing wrong with that.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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