Monday, June 25, 2012

Stargate SG-1--"Origin"

I may have to reassess my previous notion the Ori are carbon copies of the Goa’uld. There appears to be a genuine hellfire and brimstone aspect to the ori rather than the thugs with symbiotes the Goa’uld were. “Origin” is genuinely chilling in its spelling out who the ori are and what they have planned. I mean, geez--the ori choose Julian sands and a bunch of albinos to spread the word. How disturbing is that?

“Origin” relies even more heavily on exposition than the previous episode, but thr origins and intentions of the Ori are spelled out in such ominous tones, none of it feels like a lecture. The Ori believe lower beings should worship them because of their power. They genuinely believe the Ancients are evil for not sharing their enlightenment with lower races even if they do not see their methods as enslavement. The Ancients have been protecting the people of our galaxy against the power of the Ori, but they will not do anything about the ori’s followers with heir origin or sword technique of evangelism. Now that they are aware of the Milky way thanks to Daniel and Vala, it is only a matter of time before the true believers begin an allout effort to convert or destroy.

“Origin” is all about atmosphere. The Ori’s priors are creepy as all get out. Julian Sands as their leader, Doci, is inspired casting. He is able to deliver over the top super villain dialogue without making it sound hammy. The ori themselves are eternal dlames from a pit meant to resemble hell. Quite effective, as is the Gregorian chant background music whenever a prior appears on screen to do his thing. The ori have definitely been set up as intriguing villains. Perhaps the final two seasons dealing with them will not feel as tacked on to the rest of the series as I once feared.

Does anyone else think it was a bit much for daniel and vala to escape back to earth leaving their two hosts to be burned at the stake? There certainly needed to be a dramatic moment for their escape, and leaving ijust before being engulfed in flames is definitely as narrow an escape as it gets, but their poor hosts have no chance. One can only hope their going up in smoke is too quick to be very painful. What a cruel twist of fate.

Jack showing up at the end is a real surprise. I figured Richard dean Anderson would have headed for the hills as soon as possible. Of course, his three scenes over these episode were probably all filmed on the same day with his car running outside.

‘Origin’ is a very scary beginning to the Ori story arc. I have more faith in it now than ever before even if I am still wary of the Arthurian legend aspect and the anti-Christian overtones. While the Ori and Priors have take their controlling methods from the dark Ages, there is still a hint modern Christianity is going to take some hits as the arc progresses. The feeling brings me back to my apologetics days encountering angry atheists who believe the dark Ages have not ended yet. Heh.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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