Monday, June 11, 2012

Stargate SG-1--"Sacrifices"

Christopher Judge pens his fourth and final script for Stargate SG-1 with “sacrifices,” aka “My Big fat Jaffa Wedding.” As with other Judge scripts, it is heavy on Jaffa drama, which is the weakest aspect of the series as far as I am concerned. Nevertheless, I have generally found Judge’s treatment of the subject more engaging than the other writers. ’sacrifices” is the weakest of Judge’s efforts, but has the redemptive factor of adding some much needed action to what has frequently been a very slow season.

Teal’c and Bra’tac return from visiting the Hak’tyl Rebellion with two bits of bad news: one, the rebellion may have been compromised, and two, Rya’c is getting married to a Hak’tyl. The common element between the two is that Teal’c best advice is being ignored in both matters. Ishta, played again by Jolene Blalock believes the rebellion has grown to large to remain a secret, so the time to begin a full scale war with the Goa’uld is now. Teal’c says no, because Ba’al and his Kull warriors are still out there and unmoved by any talk of rebellion. The rebel Jaffa will eventually be slaughtered. Teal’c also believes Rya’c is too young to be married and is angry he was not consulted on the matter. Just to throw in the mind of a woman aspect, ishta is also mad teal’c is angry about the wedding because she assumes he thinks the Hak’tyl bride to be is not good enough for rya’c and that is an insult to her.

Thankfully, the drama surrounding the wedding is played for comic relief. The real story involves the Hak’tyl Rebellion being exposed to Moloc, the Goa'uld in charge, and the subsequent battle to prevent him from eliminating the Hak’tyl. The battle ends in a particularly glorious death by missile launched through the stargate which I found a particularly amusing end. Whether it is or not, I take the method as a wink to drone strikes against real terrorists by US forces. I am all for that.

What I am not all for is the Jaffa plight, particularly when it comes on the personal level of Teal’c’s family. Rya’c has never resonated with me. The teal’c/Rya’c relationship reminds me too much of Worf/Alexander, I suppose. It is not fair, but that is the way it is. I can appreciate some of the sitcom-esque issues that come up surrounding the wedding, but if had been a larger focus of the episode, ‘Sacrifices” would have been a real clunker. But we got a lot of cool fight scenes, including moloc getting blowed up good, blowed up real good, so it winds up a guy episode after all.

“sacrifices” falls under the good, but not great heading. As with Judge’s other three scripts, there are many personal indulgences wherein the cast gets to ham it up like a bunch of old friends goofing around. I am okay with that, but I do note “sacrifices’ is the least interesting of Judge’s efforts. It is still worth seeing even for one who cares naught for the Jaffa.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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