Saturday, May 5, 2012

Stargate SG-1--"Metamorphosis"

I was going to make a joke about Nirrti seducing Jonas during this episode, but I had to look up Coirn Nemec to make sure the joke would fly. I shall leave what might have been up to your imagination, but I discovered Nemec is not only a Scientologist, but a Master Mason of the Freemasonic Order. I do not not into the fanciful conspiracy theories surrounding the Freemasons, but is it not weird to know Nemec is heavily involved in two groups that are at the very least suspected of being dangerous cults?

Taking jabs at Scientology and Freemasonry makes for an odd introduction, but this would be a short review if I did not go off on a tangent or two. “Metamorphosis” is about the Russian SG-4 team discovering Nirtti has been experimenting on the population of a planet in order to create the perfect Goa’uld host. She is not doing a very good job. At best, her subjects are deformed monsters who have developed telepathic and telekinetic powers as a trade off. At worst, they burn up with a high fever and eventually liquefy. The SG-1 team eels responsible for what is happening since they let Nirrti go in order to save Cassandra some time ago, so they go to the planet to stop her.

They are promptly captured and thrown into prison. Incarceration happens to them quite a bit. Nitti takes each one of them, starting conveniently with the Russian, so you know he is going to die, and puts them in the DNA rewriting doohickey. I think that is the technical term for it. Sam is the only SG-1 member to be affected by the device. Her plight sets up yet another shipper nirvana as Jack tries to take her place and she seeks comfort from him after she has had her DNA run through a blender. Jonas is not affected at all by the device. Nirrti is so impressed, she attempts seducing him to create a goa’uld the old fashioned way. He ain’t biting, even if she is into that sort of thing. Considering that kinky dominatrix outfit she is sporting, she may very well be.

Jack finally convinces the mutants to use their mind reading abilities on Nirrti to discover her true purpose. Because apparently all the people completely liquefying is not convincing enough. They are reluctant to do so because she is their god, but ne works up the nerve before Jack’s Dna gets the treatment and breaks Nirtti’s neck when he discovers the truth. Luckily, he also pulled the knowledge of how to use the device out of her mind before the vertebrae snap, so Sam and everyone else is returned to normal.

The make up job on the mutants combined with their mental abilities may be an homage to the Talosians from Star Trek’s “The Cage.” Even if that is not the case, their look is one of the best, most disturbing make up jobs of the series.
“Metamorphosis” is a decent, straightforward adventure. The story has some flaws--the most glaring being how these people are obviously being mistreated by Nirrti, but they have zero suspicions about it--but for whatever reason, that does not bug me as much as it normally would. The saving graces are the make up jobs and Jonas serving as a full fledged, active, and completely liked by all member of the SG-1 team. It only took sixteen episodes, too! Put “Metamorphosis” in the good, but not great column.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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