Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stargate SG-1--"Exodus"

“Exodus” is the fourth season finale. The episode deals with the Tok’ra related threads that have been running through the season. It tries to end the season on a big splash, and in many ways it succeeds, but I have been under whelmed by the Tok’ra running threads. I think like Jack--outside of Jacob/Selmak, I do not see much value in these guys. As usual, your mileage may vary.

The SG-1 team arrives on Vorash with the ship stolen from Cronus with plans to let the tok’ra use it in order to evacuate the planet for a safer location. With the arrival of the ship, it has become necessary to end the spying career of Hebron/Tanith so he cannot inform Apophis of the Tok’ra’s new ride. In his cell, Hebron/Tanith fakes his death to lure a guard in, then makes his escape. Hebron/Tanith is not recaptured in spite of a manhunt, so it is assumed he has already tipped off Apophis. The timetable for the evacuation must be moved up.

Sam and Jacob/Selmak brainstorm a plan that may wipe out Apophis’ fleet when it arrives on Vorash. The lan is to cause Vorash’s sun to go supernova by dialing up the black hole planet on Vorash’s stargate and releasing it near the sun. The black hole would suck up enough mass to cause the sun to go supernova. The plan inspired the following underused internet meme:There really ought to be more of those.

Teal’c is simmering during all this because Hebron/Tanith’s continued survival has denied him revenge for the murder of Shan’auc. But when he and Jack are forced to take a glider out to destroy a lone wolf Goa’uld ship, teal’c crashes it on Vorash. The two eventually encounter the wandering Hebron/Tanith, but are overpowered. Hebron/Tanith takes Teal’c prisoner as a gift for apophis when his fleet finally arrives.

Jack is rescued from vorash before the sun goes supernova, but the ship’s escape goes awry when they come out of hyperspace in another galaxy altogether. From their current location, it would take them 150 years to get home. To make matters worse, Apophis’ ship shows up right behind them. To be continued.

For someone who is supposed to be a fierce warrior, Teal’c gets his butt kicked on a right regular basis. Maybe he and Worf should form a support group. At least Worf has a knack for avenging his murdered girlfriends and father. In terms of his actions in “Exodus,” I have to marvel at the reckless behavior Jack is willing to tolerate. Teal’c is not only a loose cannon, but a psychotic one who disregards Jack’s safety altogether in his quest for revenge.

"Exodus" is an entertaining episode, but does not feel big enough to be a season finale. Maybe it is because Earth is not threatened this time around. The episode centers around Vorash, which I have little emotional attachment, and ends with our heroes stranded, which does not hold much drama. I do not think it is a bad episode by any means. It jusy feels smaller than it should.

That is a problem that has plagued the fourth season. There have been episodes that will probably hold up well enough to make my top ten list, but they have been fewer and further between than in the previous three seasons. There has been more of a quality consistency problem than before. I will give some props for unique aliens, however. We have witnessed intelligent robot spiders, water parasites, an ancient civilization exiting as Dna strands, and aggressive fireflies. The powers that be are at least pushing the envelope for villains. I am still engrossed in Stargate SG-1, but I am hoping the fifth season brings more adventures like the first three seasons instead of a lot of tok’ra drama.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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