Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stargate SG-1--"Maternal Instinct"

The child of “Egyptian gods" Apophis and Amuanet is white. While we are working through Buddhist enlightenment to find the answers to the universe, perhaps a moment should be set aside to ponder that one. I have an interest in philosophy when it pertains to ideology, ethics, and faith, but this Far Eastern truth is a river, God is the mouth of the river stuff makes my head spin with its pointlessness. Much of “Maternal Instinct” is steeped in Buddhist philosophy that is a chore to sit through, but the ending is a saving grace.

Bra’tac comes through the stargate carrying a severely wounded Aaron Douglas a few years before he became a Cylon. He brings news Apophis has taken control of Sokar’s forces and invaded Chulak. Apophis is looking for his son in order to keep the Goa’uld secrets out of enemy hands. Using Bra’tac’s ancient Jaffa myths about Kheb, the planet where sha’re his the child, Daniel finds the stargate address.

On Kheb, SG-1 finds the corpses of eight Jaffa and the priestess likely charged with protecting the child. There is no sign of the child. Traveling further, they find a Budhist temple in which Daniel communes with a cryptic monk for a while to determine whther the child is there. For about twenty minutes, we drift in and out of their conversation. A conversation in which Shirley MacLaine would quickly throw her hands up in the air and exclaim it makes no sense. Seriously, folks. If you want to master eastern philosophy, speak in pointless metaphors while indulging in circular reasoning. If anyone questions what you have said, insist their flesh is holding them back. Write a self-help book on it and hope it catches Oprah’s attention.

Somehow, Daniel reaches enlightenment and learns the magical powers of lighting fires w ith his mind, telekinesis, and intangibility. He uses the last one to walk through a wall to find the hidden nursery of the causian baby of false Egyptian gods. The child is being watched over by the priestess who is now incorporeal. She has actually ascended, so I guess she is an ancient. Given batik’s reverence for Kheb as heaven’s doorstep, that would seem likely. Daniel realizes as he is about to leave with the child that he never had any powrs. It was her revealing to him the child would be safer with her. He agrees. Just to confirm he made the right choice, the priestess kills all of the invading Jaffa army. At least absolute enlightenment involves the realization killing the bad guys is a good idea.

The whole storyline involving the search for the Goa’uld baby ended pretty quickly. Did the powers that be decide the plot was not going to be a winner/ “maternal instinct’ does have a certain rushed feel to it, as though the story needed to be buried quickly. Whatever the case, it is high an exposition and weirdness. I cannot say that I do not like it, but it does not feel like the monumental conclusion to a major story arc.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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