Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stargate SG-1--"Into the Fire"

“Into the Fire” is the third season premiere. Wow, season three. We are rolling right along here. It is also the concluding chapter of a two part story and far superior to its budget saving clip show introduction. If nothing else, the story did not go exactly as I predicted it would. Surprises are always nice with something like this.

The cliffhanger of which SG-1 member will become host to the new CGI enhanced symbiote is resolved when Jack “volunteers” by attacking Hathor. Lucky for him, Dr. Raully is an undercover Tok’ra--wait...what?-- who not only has a stasis chamber that will kill the symbiote before it can take control of Jack, but gets a message to Col. Makepeace about SG-1’s location. Because the Tok’ra were not given any way of contacting SGC. Oh, wait--they were. Whoops. Well, it is fortunate they randomly came upon Makepeace, no?

Hammond orders SG-3, 5, 6, and 11 on a rescue mission which is only 2/3 successful. Jack is still stuck in the stasis chamber while the SG teams get pinned down in tunnels beneath the Goa’uld stronghold that were secretly dug by the Tok’ea. Hammond wants to send in reinforcements, but the president refuses to allocate more resources because of the potential loss of life. Hammond heads to chulak himself to find Teal’c for help.

That is the one twist I did not see coming. Certainly, I figured teal’c would rescue his friends, but I figured he would play a far more pivotal role than riding in as the cavalry at the last minute. Teal’c goes home to Chulak to rally the Jaffa against the Goa’uld, but they are still loyal to Apophis whether he is dead or alive. They still believe he is a god. So it winds up being Teal’c, Hammond, and bra’tac come come to SG-1’s rescue when no other reinforcements are forthcoming.

Jack/Sam shippers take note--sam convinces makepeace to let her go back into the Goa’uld stronghold to knock out the shield generator, which she does, but only after rescuing Jack. Clearly recovering Jack was her priority. Anyway, Hathor is mercifully killed and the SG teams are all rescued by the Chulak Cavalry. Happy endings all around. One assumes Hammond going AWOl to Chulak against orders is hereafter ignored.

“Into the Fire” is a fun shoot ’em up involving many SG teams we only hear about in passing normally. Lots of explosions and all that good stuff to distract from some obvious issues. Raully is a Tok’ra? She was quite villainous in the previous episode. why did it take her three weeks to get the message out about SG-1's location? Why did the tok’ra not contact SGC to inform them of SG-1’s location? It seems extraordinary they just found Makepeace’s team somewhere out there. How did the Tok’ra dig a complex system of tunnels under a Goa’uld stronghold without being discovered? It is best not to dwell on these questions, because the start to season three is far better if they are ignored. It is a far smaller story than the second season premiere, but still entertaining.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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