Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stargate SG-1--"Hathor"

“Hathor” has a reputation as one of the worst episodes of Stargate SG-1. It is well earned. Even the writers have acknowledged its weak elements, some of which become a running joke in later episodes such as clip shows and retrospectives. My biggest lament in a wide field of bad aspects from which to choose is that Sam takes center stage yet again, but not only is she the main focus of a bad episode, the side character of Janet Frasier takes the lead before the incapacitated Jack is revived to take charge again. Come on, folks. Let Sam have her moment already!

Archeologists in Mexico uncover a sarcophagus with Egyptian hieroglyphics written on it. A woman emerges in a pseudo-wonder woman outfit, mistakes them for Goa’uld, and kills them when she discovers they are not. The surviving members of the archeological team, who believe the others were murdered by tomb robbers, send the sarcophagus to Daniel. Ergo, it winds up at the top secret Stargate Command. Sure, a bunch of nerdy academics must know all about Daniel’s top secret activities. Did I mention they know the sarcophagus can raise people from the dead? Except for the killed members of the archeological team. Screw them, I guess.

Hathor also makes her way to Stargate Command. What do these people do, dial information and ask where would be the best place to send a stolen resurrection chamber? “what? A secret mountain facility in Colorado Springs? Run by the Air Force? Thank you. Yes, I will look into Pike’s Peak while I am there. And the Olympic Training Center. No, I am not interested in restaurant recommendations. Look lady, I’ve been waiting 3,000 years to take over the world. Give me a break! Goodbye!” As you might expect, Hathor walks right in and takes over by controlling all the men with some pink pheromone gas stuff.

Hathor is the Egyptian god of fertility, inebriety, and music--sex, drugs, and rock ’n roll--so she can make every man fall under her spell. They do, like a bunch of drunken frat boys. Hathor plans to turn them all into a Jaffa army in order to take over Earth and everywhere else. The women are unaffected, so Sam and Frasier take the lead in thwarting Hathor’s plan. Teal’c, whose symbiote prevents him from falling under her control, joins in with the women.

There is a major battle, Janet seducing a guard, Jack being saved from a symbiote by the sarcophagus, the revelation Daniel fathered Hathor’s new batch of symbiotes (ew) and Hathor’s escape through the stargate which breaks the hold she had over the men. Sam gets to play the hero for about ten minutes in all that. It is not enough, but the rest helps establish Teryl Rothery as incredibly hot. Just sayin’.

“Hathor” is pretty bad. It is a bottle show taking place almost entirely inside Stargate Command, and it both looks and feels cheap. I did not get into the plot. The male actors hammed up the lovesick schoolboy thing to the point of camp. I do not even think Hathor is as stunning a woman as she is made out to be. I would skip this one. You would not be missing much.

Rating: ** (out of 5)

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