Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stargate SG-1--"In the Line of Duty"

“In the Line of Duty” manages to take the frequently emotionally manipulative plot of putting a pretty woman in danger while hinting the male lead has a more than just friendly concern for her well-being and turn it into something unexpected. In this case, sam is possessed by a Goa’uld and Jack appears to take it personally. But all is not as it seems. The episode introduces us to new allies known as the Tok’ra, hints Sha’re’s fate will soon be known, and an even larger Goa’uld plot against earth is afoot.

The episode opens on an impressive action scene as SG-1 is aiding the Nasya from a Goa’uld onslaught. While the rest of the team evacuates refugees through the stargate while under fire, Sam is performing CPR on a fallen Nasya. During mouth to mouth, a symbiote enters her. (yake a minute to go “Edew.”) The symbiote takes her over in order to hitch a ride to earth and eventually somewhere else.

Sam’s remains a secret back on earth, although those around her think she is acting strangely, but not enough to suspect anything but shellshock. Dr. Frasier invites sam to visit the Nasya patients at the air Force Academy Hospital and to see Cassandra again. Cassandra somehow senses Sam is possessed and locks herself in Frasier‘s office. She refuses to come out until she can see Jack. How Cassandra can sense a Goa‘uld symbiote but no one else, particularly Teal‘c, is an interesting question. Is this supposed to be one of those silly you cannot lie to a child things that popular entertainment likes to push on us? I half expected to see dogs growling or a cat hissing at sam as she left. Cassandra convinces Jack, which means she has one up on her namesake, and he helps capture Sam before she can go through escape through the stargate.

While under arrest, the possessed sam reveals herself to be Jolinar, a member of a rogue group of Goa’uld called the Tok’ra who oppose the evil ways of the System Lords. Teal’c has heard of the Tok’ra. They are hunted dwn by the goa’uld with extreme prejudice because of their opposition. The Goa’uld were attempting to wipe out the population of Nasya in order to kill Jolinar. Without proof Jolinar is who he says or that he can safely release Sam, SG-1 cannot let him leave Earth.

Meanwhile, Ashrak assassin posing as one of the wounded Nysa makes his way to SGC in order to kill Jolinar. He manages to make it to his holing cell, assault Sam, and nearly get away through the stargate before being killed by teal’c. Sam recovers from the Ashrak attack, but only because Jolinar sacrificed his life to save her. She knew along along Jolinar was genuine. At one point, he even let her take over her body again to convince Jack to allow him access to the stargate, but he was convinced it was a trick. The bitter tragedy of it all is too much for sam to take. She is only brought out of a near catatonic depression by Cassandra.

“In the Line of Duty” is an interesting episode. It features a lot of exposition about new allies in the battle against the Goa’uld with plenty of foreshadowing interrupted by some over the top drama. One suspects Jolinar could have been less obtuse and aggressive. He might have been able to escape with both his life and new allies with SG-1. Then again, the distrust of the Goa’uld from SG-1 contributed to the impasse. There is a lesson there somewhere, I suppose.

Rating; *** (out of 5)

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