Friday, December 9, 2011

Red Dwarf--"Krytie TV"

“Krytie TV’ is a satire of those Punk’d style shows for which I have never much cared. No, not even Candid Camera, much less the in your face versions of today. It is just not my thing. The episode still has its moments. They are few and far between, but it has them.

Lister gets good news--his guitar has been discovered and is being returned to him, much to Rimmer’s chagrin. But much to Rimmer’s delight, Lister is not allowed to have strings on his guitar for fear he will hang himself. Meanwhile, kryten is not having much of a good time himself. As a mechanoid, he cannot be classified as a male, so he is stuck in the women’s wing of the prison. Seemingly good news for all, though--Lister has filed an appeal.

On the way back from a Canary mission, Kryten complains to the others how humiliating it is to have to do everything with the women, including shower. The news Kryten sees the women naked and soaking wet on a regular basis gets the male inmates’ attention. They want him to record the showers for their enjoyment. Kryten refuses to do the classless act.

Later, some of the inmates kidnap and reprogram Kryten to be more amenable to the idea. Subsequently, he interrupts movie night with a three hour video of the women showering. Kochansky is one of the most prominent stars. She finds out what Kryten has done and that Lister was glued to the screen for the entire three hours, so she shuns them both. The warden discovers what kryten has done, so he assigns the mechanoid to the men’s wing to avoid any further incidents.

Kryten feels guilty about damaging Lister’s relationship with Kochansky, so when he learns she is dating another inmate, he offers to help Lister sabotage the relationship by trashing her new fellow’s room to make him out to be an even bigger slob than Lister. The plan involves rotting food, geeky magazines, awful music CD, and scattering pubic hair everywhere. Talk about slumming for comedy.

It is all a trick, however. Kryten has secretly lead Lister to the warden’s quarters instead and recorded it for a new show of his. Rimmer panics over how this will effect their appeal, so he hurriedly helps. They successfully clean up the place, thereby preserving their chance for appeal. The appeal is successful, but it was actually an appeal to get Lister’s guitar strings back that rimmer was busting his hump to protect.

‘Krytie TV’ is well known for being a problematic shoot. Chloe Annett became ill during filming, so she appears in only half the episode. Some things had to be shuffled around and news scenes added in to pad out the story. It shows. There is an odd comedy bit about the prisoners being lined up so the warden can demand his stolen glass eye be returned. The scene serves no purpose in the story other than get Rimmer beaten up by the other inmates. The ending, while with its funny moments, is assumed to not as good as originally planned with Kochansky taking part. ‘Krytie TV” is not bad, but it is clearly not all that was intended.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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